Gift Guides And Gift Ideas

Gift Ideas And Gift Guides

Let’s talk holiday gifts!  Gifts for kids, gifts for teens, gifts for guys and gifts for teachers.  And maybe some gifts for YOU! So how are you doing on your holiday shopping?  Are you one of those people who is already done or are you wrapping it up, literally and figuratively, around 11:55pm on December […]

Sweet This Week

Kindergarten Thanksgiving Feast

Years ago I would do a weekly post that I called, “Sweet This Week”.  It was just a wrap up of the week, with some photos, some personal stuff and other things around the web that I came across and wanted to share.  For whatever reason I quit doing those posts.  I think I felt […]

She Is Trying

She Is Trying

She is trying. Earlier this week a story popped up on Facebook about Broadway actor Kelvin Moon Loh, and his reaction to an incident involving a boy with autism who was in the audience during a performance of “The King And I”.  The story struck such a chord with me that I needed to put […]

Our Back To School Clean Up Routine

Backpack and lunchbox organization

Before my little one started kindergarten this year, I used to day dream about how clean the house would be when both kids were in school.  It would be sparkling and pristine and totally stay that way.  Then I woke up, the kids headed to school and I am left wondering how my house constantly […]

Our Lunchbox Routine

Our Lunchbox Routine

It’s been a month since my girls returned to school, and I think we have all adjusted, found our groove and started establishing routines that work for us. One routine that is really important to me is our lunchbox routine.  My little one is a teeny tiny little peanut, who is also a very slow […]

Behind The Blog – Summertime


It’s been a busy summer.  While we haven’t gone on any vacations (a real bummer when you live in Phoenix where it’s eleven billion degrees by 7am), somehow it’s been go, go, go for the past few months.  The one place that hasn’t been terribly busy is the blog.  Right here!  While I’ve been sharing […]

March Wrap Up

March 2015 Love From The Oven

Where did March go?  I mean really.  It was January like 15 minutes ago.   Every month I mean to do a wrap up post, and then one month turns into three.  Whoops, best intentions! So here’s what we’ve been up to in March.  Let’s start with food! I have been on a major citrus kick.  […]

Make Meaning Party

Make Meaning Party

When I asked my daughter what she wanted to do for her 12th birthday this year she replied, “make candles”.   That was an unexpected reply, but one that sounded like fun, so it was time to put together a candle making party. Before my oldest daughter was born, I made both soap and candles as […]

Tips For Baking With Kids

Baking With Your Kids

When you bake as often as I do, and have kids, it’s pretty common to get asked about baking with kids. While I don’t bake with my kiddos as often as some might think, when developing a recipe, you really don’t want an extra 5 tablespoons of baking powder dumped in by your assistant! I […]

Getting My Picky Eaters To Eat Veggies

Mac N Cheese With Veggie Dippers

As most moms with picky eaters know, sometimes it can be a bit of a challenge to get the kids to eat their vegetables without too much of a meal time struggle.   I’m always looking for new ways to get my kids to eat their veggies without any fuss, and today I’m going to share […]