Maple Walnut Magic Cookie Bars

Maple Walnut Magic Cookie Bars

I shared a few days ago just how much I love magic cookies bars.   Today I’m sharing a fun new version that I whipped up, Maple Walnut Magic Cookie Bars.  When the folks at Eagle Brand asked me if I would like to share some of my favorite holiday recipes using Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk […]

Lightened Up Holiday Chocolate Chip Cookies

Lower Sugar Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

I am always looking for ways to lighten up some of our favorite recipes.  With the holidays fast approaching there is so much food, so many sweets, temptation everywhere!  When the folks at Glam Media asked if I would like to try Truvia® Baking Blend, I was happy to accept their offer.  I have many […]

Fun Fall Food Finds at Walmart

Fun Food Finds at Walmart

Ready for some more fun fall finds?  This shopping trip is from my local Walmart (check out my Target trip in this post).  Here are some of the things that are on store shelves, some especially for fall and some just for fun. To clarify, this post is not associated with Walmart or any brands, […]

Fun Food Finds At Target

Candy Corn Pretzels

I’ve received quite a few requests lately to put together one of my Fun Food Finds posts.  With fall items hitting the stores, I figure it’s time to check out what fun finds are on store shelves.   Here are some of the fun things that I found this week at my local Target.   To clarify, […]

Sprinkle School – How To Store Sprinkles

Ideas For Storing Sprinkles at Love From The Oven

So on one hand, it’s totally rainbow colored awesomeness to have a collection of sprinkles.   On another hand, it can be a challenge to find a place to store all of those sweet little things.   You need to have a way to store all those pretty sprinkles. A few years ago I realized that I […]

Sprinkle School – All About Sprinkles – Sprinkle Varieties

Quin Sprinkles

Let’s talk about one of my favorite things.   Sprinkles. I don’t just like sprinkles, I love them.  There is something simple and sweet and just plain happy about sprinkles.  Plain sprinkles, fancy sprinkles, holiday sprinkles, you name it, I love sprinkles.  Any cupcake, cookie or sweet treat can be transformed with these sweet little things.   […]

Sweet This Week – Catching Up

Sweet This Week on Love From The Oven

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and Happy New Year.  I think I skipped a weekly wrap up, so it’s time to get back into the groove and recap what’s been going on around here. One of the biggest things going on around here is that I announced that I will now be sharing […]

Baking Substitutions – Replacing All Purpose Flour In Recipes

Replacing All Purpose Flour With Whole Grains in Recipes

One thing I am big on is substitutions in baking, especially when it comes to things like muffins and quick breads.  My oldest is an extremely picky eater and it has always been a challenge to get a good breakfast in her.  Making over muffin recipes has been our saving grace. Top Left: Chocolate Made […]

The Sweetest Gift Ideas – Sur La Table

Gift Ideas For Bakers

I’ll be honest, I really don’t do the go out and shop on Black Friday thing.  I have many reasons, I’m not a fan of crowds.  I don’t feel like I make the best choices in the stressful lots of people limited quantity scenario (something I’m sure retailers like).  I have a toddler.  I have […]