Dessert Pizza

Dessert Pizza

Turn pizza night into something extra special by making your own dessert pizza!  Combine delicious spreads such as peanut butter, Nutella, Biscoff, or even frosting with your favorite toppings, from marshmallows to graham cracker crumbs! We love pizza night, and my kids always enjoy helping make pizza for dinner.  One thing that really takes pizza […]


Crispy Treat Smores

Sometimes it’s fun to put a new twist on a familiar favorite. RICE KRISPIES TREATS Smores anyone? No, these aren’t RICE KRISPIES TREATS that taste likes s’mores (though those are totally delicious!), these are s’mores that have RICE KRISPIES TREATS stuffed them.   How fun is that   And they are incredibly easy to make.  You […]

Nutella Panini

Smores Panini

I made you a sandwich! And it’s not just any sandwich; it’s a Nutella Panini sandwich. A Nutella S’mores Panini if you want to be specific.   That’s one happy sandwich! All summer long, I’ve been teaming up with Nutella to share things that make me happy.   And this sandwich, let me tell you, makes me […]

Smores Fudge

DOVE Smores Fudge

I’ve got a super simple way for you to enjoy the flavor of s’mores – Smores Fudge! A rich dark chocolate fudge, filled with chunks of graham crackers and nice soft marshmallows.   No campfire here, just lots of delicious flavor. This fudge is made using DOVE Dark Chocolate Silky Smooth Promises. A simple combo of […]

Chocolate Smores Cookies

Chocolate Smores Cookies

I’ve got a delicious chocolate cookie recipe for you today, that thanks to the addition of graham cracker pieces and marshmallow Mallow Bits, become Chocolate Smores Cookies! These cookies are as easy to make as any chocolate chip type drop cookie, you are just changing up the base to chocolate and adding in a few […]

Smores Cookies

S'mores Cookies at

You know what makes a s’more extra yummy?  A cookie baked into a s’more, that’s what!  A smores cookie or cookie s’more or s’mores stuffed cookie or a Smookie.  Call it what you want, just make it! I was making chocolate cookies, with intentions of putting graham crackers in them (okay, I might have done […]

S’mores Ice Cream

S'mores Ice Cream Recipe by Love From The Oven

I have a long time love of the Dairy Queen Blizzard.  It brings together what I love about ice cream the most, a soft serve consistency with lots of “stuff” in it.   I think every town, rest area and random landmark I’ve ever been to seems to have a Dairy Queen (even if they have […]

No Bake S’mores Mousse Jars

No Bake S'mores Mousse Jars at Love From The Oven

Looking for an easy and delicious summertime treat that requires no baking?   I have a great one for you today, No Bake S’mores Mousse Jars. As part of the Kraft Tastemaker Program, Kraft has asked me so share one of my favorite no-bake treats for summer, and wow, I love this one!   It’s super […]

Valentine PEEPS S’mores On A Stick

Valentine S'mores Pops by Love From The Oven

 Another super easy sweet for you – Valentine’s PEEPS S’mores!    Or, you can forgo the stick and just make yourself some sweet s’mores… To make these… 1. I dipped graham crackers into chocolate coating. 2. I dipped my straws/sticks into chocolate, and then put them into my PEEPS hearts. 3. I sat the PEEPS hearts […]