She Is Trying

She Is Trying

She is trying. Earlier this week a story popped up on Facebook about Broadway actor Kelvin Moon Loh, and his reaction to an incident involving a boy with autism who was in the audience during a performance of “The King And I”.  The story struck such a chord with me that I needed to put […]

March Wrap Up

March 2015 Love From The Oven

Where did March go?  I mean really.  It was January like 15 minutes ago.   Every month I mean to do a wrap up post, and then one month turns into three.  Whoops, best intentions! So here’s what we’ve been up to in March.  Let’s start with food! I have been on a major citrus kick.  […]

A New Year And New Decisions


I hope everyone had a fabulous holiday.  We did, and I’m so sad to see the break come to an end.   We didn’t do all the things, see all the people or go all the places that I wanted to, but we hung out together, and we kind of did a little bit of […]

2013 Arizona Apraxia Walk
Raising Funds For & Awareness Of Apraxia

Team Gracie - Apraxia Walk

I’ve done my share of fundraising over the years for different causes, but I’ve just started my most personal fundraising journey – raising money for Apraxia Of Speech, a neurological disorder that our daughter has, and is severely impacted by. I have shared before what apraxia is as well as talking about The Childhood Apraxia […]

Away From The Oven – Special Needs Care Map

Care Map For Grace

Last week HuffPost Parents shared an amazing and powerful “care map” that special needs parent Cristen drew to illustrate all that goes into caring for her special needs child.    It was incredible to look at and see all of the items written out, the items that for most parents are juggled around in their head […]

CASANA – Sharing A Cause Close To My Heart


I was recently asked by the folks at Kleenex if I would like to write a post that shared a cause or organization that was close to my heart.    The answer was an easy yes, and I didn’t have to think twice to know which organization I would love to share with my readers – […]

Special Needs Parenting – Some Days.


There are days that are good.  There are days that are bad.  And there are some days that are hard.    Today is hard.   I always feel like I need to immediately add a disclaimer – it could be so much worse.  I’ve watched friend’s lose spouses at young ages, children go through cancer, terrible awful […]

2012 & 2013 – Looking Back and Looking Forward

My Girls

This is more of a personal post than a baking post, one of my “behind the blog” type of posts.  And a long one!  2012 has been an extremely busy year here in the Love From The Oven house.  In addition to baking up sweets and treats and sharing recipes, tips, my favorite links and […]