Seven Layer Magic Cookie Bar Week
Cookies & Cream Magic Cookie Bars

Cookies & Cream Magic Cookie Bars

I have a theory that you can really never go wrong with cookies and cream. Exhibit A.  Cookies & Cream Magic Cookie Bars. Yum!   I made these earlier in the year and they are divine. I had planned a new recipe for today, but instead I have a toddler with the stomach flu, so baking […]

12 Days Of The Best Holiday Recipes
Day 3 – Holiday Cupcakes

The Best Christmas Cupcakes

Day 3 in 12 Days of The Best Holiday Recipes is all about cupcakes!   I never cease to be amazed at how talented and creative cake and cupcake decorators are.  I’m really only good at throwing sprinkles onto my cakes and cupcakes, so I am always humbled by their talents.  So today we will take […]

Seven Layer Magic Cookie Bar Week
Oreo Candy Cane Crazy Magic Cookie Bars

Candy Cane Crazy Oreo Magic Cookie Bars by Love From The Oven

Day two of Magic Cookie Bar Week and after going a little peppermint crazy with yesterday’s Peppermint Bites From Other Blogs, I simply had to bring some peppermint goodness to a magic cookie bar. These are loaded with just about every candy cane flavored treat I had in my house, including Candy Cane Oreos, White […]

12 Days Of Holiday Baking Blogger Spotlight – Sweetopia


I still have a few more great blogs that I have to share with you – and one of those is Sweetopia.   When I think of Sweetopia one of the first words that comes to mind is pretty.  Everything Marian does is amazingly pretty.   Look at this gingerbread house?   Gorgeousness! Absolute beauty!  And there are […]

12 Days Of Holiday Baking Winners!

Winners List 1

I’m working on getting the winners all notified, and then posted up on the site.   It’s a bit of a slow process, but everyone who had a lucky number drawn yesterday will be notified today.   Tonight another round of giveaways close and winners will be drawn!   Thanks so much to all who have entered and […]