Holiday Decorating With Candy And Baking Supplies

Holiday Decorating With Candy And Baking Supplies-17

I seem to have gotten a late start on my holiday decorating this year.  I blame Thanksgiving being so late, or the three year old, or something like that.  Well I finally have most of our holiday decorating done and I thought I would share one of the ways I like to decorate, especially in […]

Ideas For Baby, Toddler & Pet Proofing Your Christmas Tree and Decorations

Toddler And Pet Friendly Holiday Decorating At Love From The Oven

Let’s talk holiday decorating!  Toddler and pet friendly decorating to be specific.   Disclaimer #1…  This post is totally NOT about baking.    There, I said it, it’s out in the open.   After a few years of trying to balance putting up enough holiday decorations to keep my oldest feeling happy and festive (she pretty much […]

Mini Kitchen Makeover – Cute Baking Related Decor Ideas


For a few months now I’ve been dreaming about re-doing my kitchen.    There’s the type or re-do I’d love to do (that whole cabinets, counter tops, floors, take it out of the 70’s tract home look type of thing), and there’s the reality re-do, which is more like paint and some accessories.   My kitchen has […]