Easy Pumpkin Pie Recipe

Easy Pumpkin Pie Recipe

Let’s talk pie, shall we?  Pumpkin pie in particular. I like pumpkin pie, but it’s safe to say my daughters LOVE pumpkin pie. It was one of the first “real foods” each of them tasted, mainly because my family was sneaking it to them when I was busy cleaning up Thanksgiving dinners.  There is something […]

Halloween Breakfast Ideas

Halloween Recipe Ideas-3

Can you believe that Halloween is tomorrow???   Craziness!!!   For the last in our series of Waffle Wednesdays I’ve whipped up some fun Halloween waffles that are super simple to make, because we all need super simple first thing in the morning.  Here are three fun ways to dress up your Eggo Waffles for Halloween.   Let’s […]

Fun And Easy Halloween Cookies

Halloween Cookies-8

Want a fun and easy Halloween cookie recipe?  I’ve got you covered!    How about some sweet and spooky Black Cat Cookies?   A delicious chocolate sugar cookie that is dressed up for Halloween with lots of candy! This recipe from the folks at McCormick Spice is quick and easy to put together and you can make […]

Chocolate Chocolate Halloween Cookies

Chocolate Chocolate Cookie Recipe

Yesterday I shared a recipe for Cinnamon Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies that we loved so much, I thought I would make a fun variation of it.  It’s one of those recipes that turns out so well that it can become a great base recipe to get creative with.   With Halloween around the corner, a fun […]

Fun Halloween Treats And A Halloween Giveaway From Kraft

Halloween Treats with Kraft

I love this time of year and I love coming up with Halloween treats. Today I have three different fun Halloween treats for you today created using products from Kraft Foods, and I have a fabulous Halloween giveaway from Kraft Foods! These fun Halloween treats were made using goodies from the Kraft Halloween Prize Pack, […]

Free Halloween Printable Sign

Free Printable

Here’s a fun free printable sign for your Halloween decorating.   The file is sized to fit a 16×20 frame and I get my prints at Costco, great prices.   I have a white frame (purchased for half off at Hobby Lobby) that I switch out signs in seasonally, such a fun and affordable way to decorate.  […]

Halloween Giveaway Time!

Halloween Giveaway at Love From The Oven

Giveaway time!  Today I have a great Halloween giveaway for you, packed full of fun Halloween foods and baking tools from Kraft! This giveaway is packed full of great goodies from #KraftRecipes including… JET-PUFFED MARSHMALLOW (Pumpkin Spice MALLOWS, Ghost MALLOWS, Pumpkin MALLOWS) JELL-O Molds (JIGGLERS Halloween mold) KRAFT Deluxe Macaroni & Cheese Dinner (Halloween Shapes) […]

Ghostly Halloween Crispy Treats

Pac Man Crispy Treats

Last week I shared some fun Halloween crispy treat pops that I created and today I wanted to give you a different spin on the same basic idea – Ghostly Crispy Treats.  The only difference between these and last weeks pops is, well, the sticks!  While treats are always fun on the sticks in pop […]

Halloween Crispy Treat Pops

Easy Halloween Crispy Treat Pops

I love Rice Krispies Treats.   They are so simple to make, delicious and very versatile.  I love to make a big baking sheet of them and then cut them into shapes with cookie cutters.  Which is exactly how I made these super easy Halloween Crispy Treat Pops. So simple and so fun!   To make these […]