Mexican Chocolate Ice Cream

Mexican Chocolate Ice Cream

It doesn’t matter if it’s winter or summer, I’m always on board for ice cream!  Melissa from Ice Cream Inspiration has a delicious Mexican Chocolate Ice Cream recipe to share with us today (a good thing as I’m still fighting to get over the flu that has been hanging out at our house the entire […]

Hot Chocolate Cookies

Hot Cocoa Cookies

I’m sharing one of my all time favorite cookies with you today, my hot chocolate cookies.   When I first made these, I thought adding hot cocoa mix to a cookie would make it taste good, but I didn’t quite expect for them to be SO delicious.   It was a lovely surprise. These cookies are […]

Setting Up An Easy Hot Cocoa Bar

Hot Cocoa Bar Ideas

I was looking for something fun to add to our Thanksgiving night dinner, a new dessert or just a little something special to finish off the evening.  Some time spent on Pinterest and I completely fell in love with the idea of a hot cocoa bar or hot chocolate bar.  Totally LOVE this idea!   And […]

Dark Chocolate Frozen Hot Chocolate

Frozen Hot Chocolate Cover

So it’s the middle of summer.   And if you are anything like me, your shoes might be melting into the asphalt when you go to check your mail, it’s too hot to even swim, you’ve forgotten what rain looks like and you might need oven mitts to drive.   Third degree burns from the seat belt, […]

Jell-O Hot Cocoa Pudding Mugs & A Jell-O Giveaway

Jell-O Hot Cocoa Pudding Mugs at Love From The Oven

Ready for a really cute winter treat that is surprisingly easy to make?   Let me introduce you to Hot Cocoa Pudding Mugs… This recipe is from Jell-O, and while they look a bit challenging to create, I promise you they are super simple.   These would be so fun to serve at a party. Jell-O even […]

Hot Chocolate Donuts With Marshmallow Frosting And Chocolate Glaze

Hot Chocolate Donuts by Love From The Oven-7040

I’ve been experimenting the past few months with putting hot cocoa mix in recipes in place of cocoa or other forms of chocolate.   I have to say, the results have been extremely tasty.   There were Hot Cocoa Cookies, Hot Cocoa Cupcakes and Hot Cocoa Brownie Bowls With Hot Cocoa Mousse. And today I want to […]

Hot Cocoa Brownie Bowls With Two Minute Chocolate Mousse

Featured Love From The Oven Quick And Easy Chocolate Mousse-5219

Everyone seems to be loving the Chicago Metallic Brownie Bowls as much as I do (make sure to go enter to win yours – I have three sets to give away!).   From the day they arrived, my daughter has been begging me to fill one with chocolate mousse.  She wore me down, but I decided […]

Hot Cocoa Cupcakes With Marshmallow Buttercream Frosting And Kraft Mallow Bits

Hot Cocoa Cupackes With Marshmnallow Buttercream Frostin-2671

I couldn’t decide what to call this post.  Some of the top choices were “Marshmallow Buttercream, where have you been all my life?” and “I want to marry Marshmallow Buttercream, or at least be it’s BFF”.   Obviously I settled on something that sounds slightly more mature and less, well, crazy, but both of those titles […]