How To Paint Sugar Cookies

Flavor Paints

I have such a fun post for you today.  Last week I shared some tips for keeping your holiday cookie decorating pretty and easy, and today I’m going to show you a really FUN way to decorate cookies. I’m excited to be working with my friends at McCormick this holiday season to share some great […]

Fun And Easy Halloween Cookies

Halloween Cookies-8

Want a fun and easy Halloween cookie recipe?  I’ve got you covered!    How about some sweet and spooky Black Cat Cookies?   A delicious chocolate sugar cookie that is dressed up for Halloween with lots of candy! This recipe from the folks at McCormick Spice is quick and easy to put together and you can make […]

Ombre Green Rice Crispy Treats

Ombre Crispy Treats by Love From The Oven

It’s been one of those weeks around here at Love From The Oven.  Computers on the fritz, lots of homework and a poor little toddler with a cold and strep throat.  Finally tests for the week are done, computer running properly and little one with a big dose of antibiotics in her, we are hopefully […]

Cajeta Sauce Topped Chile Brownies from McCormick Spice

Cajeta Mexican Caramel Sauce Recipe at Love From The Oven

A few weeks ago I shared McCormick’s 2013 Flavor Forecast.  With a number of trends and flavors that we can look for in 2013, I was really drawn to one particular recipe – the Cajeta Sauce With Anise, also known as Mexican Caramel Sauce.   Spiced up caramel sauce?  Sign me up! This recipe ties into […]

McCormick’s Flavor Forecast For 2013

McCormick Flavor Forecast 2013

Do you ever wonder where the new trends in flavor come from?  The interesting combos and new ways of putting together familiar flavors?  Well it turns out that McCormick is a major force when it comes to looking to the future of flavor.    McCormick has an entire team that does extensive research each year to […]

Easy Coconut Macaroons & A Great Spring Baking Giveaway From McCormick

Featured McCormick-3528

Let’s talk coconut.  I find it’s one of those things that people either like or don’t like and there isn’t much middle ground.  I fall into the like category.  No, wait, I fall into the LOVE category.  Lately I’ve been kind of coconut obsessed, so when McCormick asked if I would like to try making […]

Baking Orange Velvet Halloween Cupcakes And Making Memories.

McCormick Halloween

The folks at McCormick recently contacted me to ask if I would be interested in creating a Halloween dessert with a package of their products, and if I would like to include my daughter in the project.   They also offered to send one of my readers their own box of McCormick Halloween baking goodies. My […]