Pretzel Spoons

Pretzel Spoons at Love From The Oven

I have some big news to tell you, you might want to make sure you are sitting down… Pretzel Spoons exist.    Yes, I said pretzel spoons.  Spoon shaped pretzels.  For reals.  I wouldn’t joke about something like this. Snyder’s Of Hanover, your Pretzel Spoonz are brilliant.  And just to clarify, this isn’t a post […]

After School Snacks Made Simple

After School Snacks

I don’t know about you, but 3pm is a hectic and crazy time of day for my family.  Sometimes I feel like I’m getting ready to run a sprint race as the clock strikes 3pm, with so many things to do, packed into a short period of time . There is school pick up, snack […]

Chicken And Waffle Bites For Game Day – Waffle Wednesday

Chicken And Waffle Bites by Love From The Oven-7705

It’s football season.  While I may not exactly be up to date on everything (okay, anything) football related, I am always up for game day snacks, especially fun bite sized ones.    For today’s Waffle Wednesday, a number of Eggo Chief Waffle Officers, like myself, are sharing fun ways to work Eggo Waffles into your game […]

Festive Holiday Tailgating With
Rotel & Velveeta’s Famous Queso Dip

Velveeta RoTel Queso Dip #QuesoOccasions by Love From The Oven

It may be the holidays, but football season is also in full swing.  Looking for a fun way to combine the two?   How about Rotel & Velveeta’s Famous Queso Dip, dressed up a bit for holiday entertaining… Just because it’s the holidays it doesn’t mean it can’t still be time for game day tailgating fun […]