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Unicorn Bark Recipe

Unicorn Bark


  • 1 16 oz Package Vanilla Candiquik or Vanilla Wilton Melts or almond bark
  • 6 oz Wilton Candy Melts Blue or color of your choice
  • 6 oz Wilton Candy Melts Green or color of your choice
  • Sprinkles and candies of your choice


  • To make your peppermint bark, you will start by melting your Candiquik, vanilla candy coating or almond bark according to the directions on the package. Three different colors of candy coating works well, but you could use two colors or go for four colors, this is more of an idea than a specific recipe. Get creative!
  • The real fun of this candy bark comes from the swirling of your different colored candy melts together, and sprinkling it with a variety of seasonal sprinkles and candies. The sky is the limit as to what you use for your toppings, so have fun with it!
  • Once everything is ready, line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Prepare your candy melts or almond bark according to package directions.
  • Start with your vanilla and place spoonfuls of candy coating onto your parchment paper. It doesn't have to be perfect; you just want to get your white spaced out around the pan.
  • After that, drop spoonfuls of your colored candy coatings around the pan, on and around the vanilla candy coating. Refer to the video to see how I did mine.
  • Once all of your melted candy coating is on the baking sheet, you will use a stick or a knife to gently swirl your colors together. Do not over-mix or stir, as that will blend the colors (though if that's the look you want, go for it!). Just gently use a stick or knife and swirl.
  • Now it's time for sprinkles! This is the fun part, and there are no rules; sprinkle on as little or as much as you want! You do however need to work fairly quickly, before the candy coating sets up, in order to have all of your toppings stick to the bark. For toppings I used a variety of red and green sprinkles, M&M'S Candies, Sixlets and crushed candy canes.
  • Chill in the fridge for at least two hours, then break by hand or slice into pieces. Serve and enjoy. It can be stored in the fridge or at room temperature as long as that temperature is on the cooler side.