Mint Chocolate Chip Frosting Cones

One more fun way to use the Mint Chocolate Chip Buttercream Frosting I made.

This frosting just looks too much like ice cream to NOT use it, well, like ice cream. And what a fun & festive way to do so for St. Patrick’s Day!

Butter Cream Cheese Powered Sugar Mini Chocolate Chips Vanilla Extract


In a large mixing bowl, combine your butter and cream cheese until well mixed and fluffy. Add in vanilla and peppermint extract (if using).

Add in a few drops of green food coloring until the desired hue is reached. Remember that your color will lighten when you add in powdered sugar.

Add in salt (optional) and powdered sugar about 1/2 cup at a time, until you reach your desired consistency.

Add in your chocolate chips. If needed add in a drop or two more food coloring. Stir until well combined.

Give this recipe a try! Tap the link for the full recipe details.