St Patrick’s Day Cupcakes

How about some fun and easy St. Patrick’s Day Cupcakes? Chocolate cupcakes with white chocolate mint frosting to be exact!

No matter how you top these cupcakes, they are fun, festive and delicious.

Why You'll Love This Recipe:

Powdered Sugar Butter Peppermint Extract White Chocolate Half And Half


In a stand mixer, mix butter and peppermint extract until fluffy. Add two cups of the powdered sugar (and salt if using) and beat until well combined.

Slowly drizzle melted white chocolate into mixing bowl and beat on medium to high for one to two minutes until well combined with butter and powdered sugar mixture.

Add in remaining powdered sugar and two tablespoons of half and half. Beat on high until light and fluffy.

Add in additional half and half, a few drops at a time, as needed and continue mixing to reach your desired consistency.

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