Strawberry Blondies Recipe

Strawberry Blondies are a sweet springtime dessert that you won’t be able to get enough of.

Strawberry Everything If strawberry isn’t your #1 favorite fruit, it’s about to be. These blondies really have a bright fruity flavor.

Why You'll Love This Recipe:

Salted Butter Brown Sugar Vanilla Extract Egg All-Purpose Flour


Begin by preheating the oven to 350° F and line an 8×8 baking dish with a large sheet of parchment paper that hangs over the edges of the pan.

In a large heat safe bowl, add your butter and microwave it until it’s melted. To the melted butter, pour in your brown sugar and whisk that together until smooth.

Add the vanilla, whisk and allow this mixture to cool before whisking in the egg.

In a separate larger bowl, add your dry ingredients; flour, salt, and baking powder. Whisk this together until combined.

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