Tres Leches  Cake Recipe

Tres Leches Cake is a traditional Mexican sponge cake soaked in heavy cream, sweetened condensed milk and evaporated milk. This easy dessert is airy and moist with a hint of spice.

– Rich vanilla flavor is always a crowd pleaser. – Cream filling and topping make this a dreamy dessert. – Cinnamon and nutmeg provide the perfect amount of spice.

Why You'll Love This Recipe

-Flour - Salt - Baking Powder - Eggs - Granulated Sugar - Vanilla Extract - Whole Milk  - Condensed Milk  - Evaporated Milk  - Heavy Cream



How Do You Make Tres Leches Cake?

Start with a sponge cake. Mix up a simple vanilla cake batter and bake.

Step 1

Add the filling. A mixture of condensed and evaporated milks gets poured on top of the baked cake.

Step 2

Finish with topping. Heavy cream and sugar are beaten together to create the final layer for the cake.

Step 3

We garnished our homemade Tres Leches with sliced strawberries. A dusting of ground cinnamon is perfect on top too.

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