Super Mario Party Snack Board

This Super Mario Party Snack Board is a SUPER fantastic way to serve your guests some colorful, themed snacks while you watch the new Super Mario Bros. Movie!

The Bob-omb  This board IS the It’s playful, colorful, and so much fun to eat!

Why You'll Love This Recipe:

Popcorn Cheese Balls Skittles M&Ms Green Juicy Pear Jelly Beans Peach Rings Dark Chocolate Malt Balls


Pour the Skittles into a small bowl and M&Ms into another small bowl. Place both bowls on opposite sides of the board.

Next, start adding some ingredients around the bowls and slowly build outwards.

Add the jelly beans in a pile next to the Skittles, and a line of chocolate dipped pretzels on the other side of the Skittles.

Surround the M&Ms with a pile of the gummy pizzas and gummy bananas.

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