Smores Dip

No campfire? No problem. If you love smores but hate the work that goes into making them, this is the perfect recipe for you.

Simple and Easy – If it hasn’t been mentioned enough already, this recipe is SO easy to make and requires little to no effort on your part.

Why You'll Love This Recipe:

Chocolate Chips Marshmallows Graham Crackers



Start by preheating your oven to 350 degrees. Next, grab a 9 inch cast-iron skillet and sprinkle the chocolate chips all over the bottom of the pan making sure it’s spread out as evenly as possible.

Next, grab your large marshmallows and place them all over the top of the chocolate chips. You’ll want to try and squish them in fairly tight!

When the oven is ready, bake this for about 10 minutes. You’ll want to be sure and watch this dip closely and take it out of the oven when the marshmallows are a perfect golden brown.

Once you take it out, let the pan sit for a few minutes so the chocolate can fully melt.

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