Saturday Stuff

Love From The Oven's Saturday Stuff

Whoa, you blink and it’s the middle of November?  Odd, because Halloween was totally like two days ago.   So let’s catch up with a little Saturday Stuff.  Recipes, cookies, big girl beds, National Adoption Month and holiday decorating! I’ve jumped into the holiday baking with both feet, it’s all peppermint, eggnog, cinnamon, gingerbread and still […]

Saturday Stuff

Saturday Stuff at Love From The Oven

Hello November! Hopefully everyone had a very happy Halloween.  We had so few trick or treaters last night.  I think maybe the doorbell rang six times.  Such a bummer, I love seeing the kids and costumes.   I guess it’s a good thing I gathered up a bunch of recipes to use up leftover Halloween candy, […]

Saturday Stuff

Halloween Recipes And Ideas

Happy Saturday!  It’s been a while since I’ve had a free flow chatty post, and you know what, I kind of miss them.  When I started blogging, long before Love From The Oven, back in the days of Xanga (anyone remember that?),  I used my blog as a journal, sharing stories, thoughts, feelings and any […]

Holiday Stress And Taking A Break

Holiday Stress

Is it just me or is this time of year often full of holiday stress? For the past decade, I have always had jobs that were pretty crazy during the holidays.  For over seven years I ran a jewelry company called Sentimental Silver, and Christmas always meant chaos.   Orders would triple, and since my […]

Following Your Favorite Blogs

Following Your Favorite Blog

Do you feel like you aren’t seeing your favorite blogs and bloggers on Facebook anymore?  Wondering where they’ve been and why they haven’t been posting?   Well unfortunately they have been posting, but you are right, you are not seeing them.   Facebook has been changing the way readers are shown pages that they “like”, and to […]

National Adoption Month. Sharing Our Story Of Newborn Domestic Adoption

Love From The Oven Adoption Story

November is National Adoption Month.  That’s kind of a big deal in our house, because our family was completed through the miracle of adoption. All of the amazing photos in this post are our personal photos, taken by the incredible Meggan Jacks Photography.  Our youngest daughter G became a part of our family through the […]

Baking T-Shirts by Love From The Oven

Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 2.02.38 PM

I was recently contacted by WhoopTee, a custom t-shirt company that lets you design your own custom t shirt.  They wanted to know if I would like to make a custom Love From The Oven shirt and give ten away to my readers.   Well of course, I mean what little girl who grew up sketching […]

Stay Together With Skype And You Could Win A $10,000 Travel Voucher

Stay Together With Skype

I recently shared how my family uses Skype to stay connected with loved ones out of town.   From science projects to dance tips, my daughter keeps in touch with her aunt, uncle and favorite dance teacher with Skype.   You better believe that when she brings home homework about biology or geology, it’s time […]

Facing 40 – A Personal Post


Life has a crazy way of sneaking up on you.   One day you are getting your driver’s license, the next day you are getting ready to turn 40.  How the heck does that happen???   Is there a time warp machine?  I try to keep this blog focused mainly on sweets and treats, but I also […]

Stay Together With Skype

Stay Together at Love From The Oven-2

Today I want to talk to you about staying connected.    Anyone who follows my blog or social media pages probably can tell that family is really important to me.  Glam Media asked me to share a little with you on the role staying connected with loved ones far away plays in my life, and how […]