Caffeinated Coffee Brownies

Rich Moist Delicious Brownies

I have brownies for you today.  AMAZING brownies.  We’re talking make these immediately brownies.  Super delicious, moist, rich brownies that only take one bowl to make, no need to melt chocolate, and really only take a few more steps than making box brownies.  And they are totally worth those few extra steps. I’m calling these […]

Chocolate Overload Cookies

Chocolate Cookie Recipe

Oh my, it’s been a few days since I have posted!  Time to catch up and share a recipe for some delicious cookies packed full of chocolate… First, the catching up part.   This time of year always seems so crazy with school wrapping up.   There always seem to be lots of field trips, special […]

Dark Chocolate Banana Cupcakes

Dark Chocolate Banana Cupcakes by JavaCupcake

I have a delicious cupcake recipe for you today from one of my favorite bloggers, Betsy at JavaCupcake.   Dark Chocolate Banana Cupcakes anyone?   Oh my word, how good do these look? Betsy makes a variety of amazing cupcakes as well as a variety of other insanely delicious sweets and treats.     She’s an Army wife who […]

Dark Chocolate Cake (With A Hint Of Coffee)

Dark Chocolate Cake With A Hint Of Coffee

Happy Friday!  I have two fabulous things for you today, and both include coffee!   First, I have a deep, dark and delicious chocolate cake, with a hint of coffee.   If you are a chocolate lover, this cake is for you. Dark, rich, not overly sweet, moist, it’s got it all going on.  It has a […]

My Favorite Recipes of 2012 – January Through March

How To Make Cake Pops - Tips And Tricks at Love From The Oven

I thought I would look back and share some of my very favorite recipes from 2012.    Here are the ones I loved the most from January, February and March.  Starting off is a lighter one, my More Fudge Less Pudge brownie recipe (like the box, but homemade!). I shared a video tutorial about how to […]

Chocolate Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Chocolate Pancakes by Love From The Oven-4

The one thing that makes getting up at the crack of dawn on the weekends a bit easier is a yummy breakfast.  My husband is the master of Bisquick pancakes and waffles (fine by me, I’m thrilled when anyone else does the cooking).   I try to come up with some more creative breakfasts that I […]

Over The Top Marshmallow Pretzel Pops

S'mores Pops by Love From The Oven

I usually try to create treats that look nice.  I love when it’s possible to strike a balance between something being both visually appealing and totally delicious.  But sometimes you just have to throw that out the door and make something like these… Over The Top Marshmallow Pretzel Pops.  A lot to say.  Heck, a […]

Deep Dark Delicious Chocolate Ice Cream

Deep Dark Delicious Chocolate Ice Cream at Love From The Oven

I’ll admit it, I have very rarely made homemade ice cream.   It’s kind of odd given that… 1.  I have a great ice cream maker. 2.  I have incredibly fond memories from childhood of my Dad making his homemade ice cream (in the big wooden ice cream making machine). 3.  My kiddo asks me all […]