Cake Pops

I’m not Bakerella (Queen of the Cake Pops), but I whipped up some cake pops at my daughter’s request for her birthday.

I have to be honest, I think I prefer Oreo truffle pops or cake pops made with my Babycakes Cake Pop Maker a bit more, but my daughter was mighty happy with these, and she is the birthday girl.  Here’s how to make cake pops…

Easy ingredients – a cake mix (and what you need to make the cake), a can of frosting, chocolate, sprinkles and sticks.

Make up your cake mix and bake.

Now we have cake.  And now we are going to destroy the cake…

Not quite destroyed enough yet…

And now into a bowl.  I know some people use a food processor, but this was easy enough, and less clean up than the food processor would have been.

Now to add the frosting.   I am not a fan of canned frosting, so it was a bit painful for me to add it, but hey, it certainly qualifies as easy.

I used about half the can.

After combining the cake and frosting it formed a ball of dough so to speak.   I think some people chill the dough, but since my little one was napping I had to take advantage of the time and went straight in to creating the cake pop balls.

The next step was to put the sticks in.  I prefer to dip the stick into a bit of melted chocolate, than into the cake pop.   This seems to help the pop stay on the stick better, which helps a lot when you are dipping them in the chocolate.

I made pink, white and chocolate covered cake pops.   I started with the pink.   I’m trying to get all of the pink I can in for Valentine’s Day.    After putting the sticks into the cake pops, I stuck them in the fridge for a  few hours.    During that time I taught Grace how to use the dishwasher.  A mom can dream, right?

After that I dipped each one into the chocolate and than coated with a variety of different sprinkles.   And ended up with cute little things like this…

A few more shots of cake pop goodness.   I didn’t have the time to try any of Bakerella’s cute cake pop decorating ideas, it was more a sprinkle and go type of thing.

Also check out my Cake Pops 101 Guide for more info, as well as my favorite tools and supplies that help make making cake pops a little easier.

How To Make Cake Pops*Update – since I wrote this post, I’ve made quite a few other cake pops as well.  Click here to see all my cake pop posts!

Cake Pops With The Babycakes Cake Pop Maker

Cake Pops Made With a Cake Pop Maker

My daughter insisted on blue and green decorations for hers.  Unfortunately she told me this after my trip to the baking supply store.  Thankfully I had some blue and green sugars, though not as brightly colored as I would have liked.

I didn’t plan to put these on a styrofoam stand, so I let them sit, cake pop down, to try.   To keep with the last minute theme, my daughter requested on her way to school that I put them on a stand.   This isn’t the most inspired, but I had to whip something up at home while Grace was napping.   Eh, not that pretty, but it held up the cake pops, so it was functional.

So while they weren’t the cutest, the girls at my daughter’s dance studio seemed to enjoy them, so mission accomplished.

How To Make Cake Pops


  1. says

    Christi, your cake pops are just precious, as are your gorgeous daughters! These look so surprisingly simple to make… I really need to try them sometime! Thanks for sharing. I’m so glad to have found your blog and look forward to seeing more. :) – Georgia

  2. says

    I hope it’s alright if i put your photos on my blog, it’s all about food and i find all your recipes amazing! i credit you in every post, and i send them to your website. if you have any problems with me doing so, please reply. thank you so much, i love your blog!

    • says

      Chloe, absolutely! Thank you for the kind words, and I’m more than happy to let you use them. I hope other people can benefit from my recipes and just seeing that some of these things are really simple to put together. I think so many recipes can sound pretty intimidating, and one of my goals with my blog is to show that you can quite easily (and inexpensively) create some really fun baked goods and treats.

  3. says

    Need to try these out sometime! I’m sure you get asked this a lot… what kind of camera and lens do you use for these amazing shots… also what kind of lighting? thanks…

  4. Calysta says

    I love cake pops!! My friends make cake pops and i always wonder how they make them, then I found out how to make them from you!! Thanx

  5. Judy says

    Love this idea….Thanks so much for the recipe! Did you have pink candy melts or did you color the vanilla almond bark?? I just LOVE the pink.. so I was wondering about that.

  6. lexi says

    amazing i love then i am going to make mine orange for my basketball tournament because we need to bring in treats to sell at the snack bar (thats how we get the money to go to other tournaments) thx so much

  7. jenna says

    This is really great! This is actually the easiest recipe I have found online. We noticed a lot of bakery cafe’s coming up with these, and we (Well, I, ha) wanted to make these for my stepson’s 10th birthday. They’re the perfect grab-and-go cake treat for a bunch of rowdy boys who don’t want to be bothered with having to sit down and eat a plate of cake. I also think these would be a great snack to make to send back home to my family, as they look like they’d ship well, packed with a bunch of shipping peanuts :) You did a fantastic job! I hope it’s as easy for me as it was for you.

  8. Herlinda says

    Christi, thanks for the great and easy recipe. I have a leftover chocolate sheet cake that cracked and I hated tossing it out so I thought I’d try my hand at making some cake pops. I also have a lot of colored melting chocolate and various sprinkles. I decorate cakes so I already had some of the stuff on hand. I’m going to make them tomorrow for my grandkids and see what they think. I’ll let you know how it all turns out. And your pictures were delightful. Thank you again.

  9. GeorgiaJudy says

    Thanks for such an easy explanation/recipe. So sorry to see someone like this dumb Emily post something so foul and nasty. I hope she isn’t a mom.

  10. Teresa says

    When I made these they were very hard to coat with the went on way too thick. Did you thin the chocolate out somehow?

  11. wendykailey says

    You are the bomb!!!!! My kids are in gymnatics and cheer!! They need a gift for thier sponsors….this is perfect, inexpensive, and toooooo cute. Attempted on my own and they were ok but certainly not as cute or tasty!!! Thanks so much for sharing…..
    Forever GREATFUL,

  12. wendykailey says


  13. Jennifer soto says

    We had our first granddaughter graduate from 8th grade and her mother bought the cake pop molds and we had so much fun making lots of them and the people loved them. Thanks for sharing the recipes .

  14. Leah Hardesty says

    I just made some cake pops and the cake part came out great, but the melting chocolate is too thick and when I dip the cake into the chocolate to coat it, but the cake fell apart. Any ideas on how to make this work? Thanks!

    • says

      One option is adding paramount crystals to the chocolate. Did you heat the chocolate enough to get it as liquified as possible? What chocolate are you using? Are you freezing the cake pops before putting in the chocolate (and then dipping right out of the freezer?).

  15. Mindy says

    I am going to try to make about 50 of these this weekend. About how many do you get out of one cake mix? Also do you freeze them at all before you dip them in the chocolate? Finally about how long do these last? I would like to make them couple days early. Thank you so much for the WONDERFUL instructions!!!

  16. Megan says

    If you were unable to find something to hold them in, a good old fashioned toilet paper roll held the pops until the sprinkles set.

  17. says

    im making them every night yyyyyyyyyyyyuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccccccccccccccchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  18. Stephanie says

    I’m a working mom of 3 girls so I am always looking for something cute to do with them!
    Thank you so much for your pictures, and I think the stand is pretty awesome:) Thank you for sharing.

  19. Momof3 says

    Awesome cake pops! I am currently making them with my prschoolers- they are in the fridge chilling as I type… We are using “confetti” cake mix and strawberry flavored icing. Hoping that they come out tasting something similar to strawberries dipped in chocolate :)

  20. Katherine says

    Im going to try to make these and the oreo recipe tomorrow. Its my step brothers bday on sat and I promised my mom I would bake cup cakes which im getting better and making my own frosting (I still have to master royal icing but almost there with my home made butter cream frosting) anyway! I have been wanting to make these for A LONG time for my 5 year old daughter and I had saved and read bakearellas recipe and have been way too scared to try it out but reading your recipes here give me hope! I bought all of the ingridients and even a pop cake stand and im hoping they came out as well and pretty as yours did. I have to admit, im mostly scared of the melting the chocolate and decorating part. I also really wish I could find some colored chocolate to melt, like blue and pinks and colors like that. also not to sound ignorant but what do you use the almond stuff in the picture for? I read the recipe several times and couldnt find reference to it but im very tired so may have missed it. any tips would me GREATLY appreciated! I need all of the help I can get! I can make great candy apples as well but im very scared of the cake pops! lol your picturs and recipes are great!

    • says

      Hi Katherine, Do you have a Michaels or Hobby Lobby near you? Both of those stores have colored melting chocolate. As far as the almond bark goes, there are instructions on the package – I don’t give directions because every brand is a bit different – I use a variety of brands, usually whatever is at the store I find myself in when I need some. Don’t be scared of the cake pops – give them a go, the chocolate really isn’t that bad – just remember it’s better to heat too low/little and add to versus overheat. :) And I haven’t mastered royal icing either, I love a good simple buttercream – not fancy but so delish!

  21. Katherine says

    Ok! I am making them right this second and reading the instructions on this page! i got everything except the almond bark! I hope its ok and they come out ok. I dont have much time! also should i freeze the cake balls before dipping them into the melted candy melts? I just took my two cakes out and im so happy because they actually came out pretty good!!! iim moving on to the oreo cake batter while the cakes cool! if you see this post soon, please let me know if i should freeze or not? thank you so much for replying and helping me with this!

  22. Katherine says

    o and I also went out to bed bath and beyond and bought the baby cakes but I figured ill start with this first….trying baby cakes in a bit.

  23. Thalia says

    Thank you so much for this tutorial! It was the easiest and most friend to read- I have to make these with my friends! You had awesome photography, too, it really helps to have pictures of each step. <3

  24. sherry morgan says

    im trying to make these batter came out a little gooey..dont know if i used too much frosting but i used half of the can.. i bought the same almond vanilla bark as you used in ur recipe but it seems to be too thick when i dip it. any tips on how to make the dip a little thicker??


  25. Samantha says

    I love this idea, thanks for sharing. I’m going to do these for my daughters sweet 16…trying lots of different flavors including her favorite, orange cream!

  26. Beverly says

    Thank you so much for sharing. I want to make these with a Christmas theme. It all sounds easy enough, but did I miss the part about the icing that you dip them into when finished??? Not sure what to do there. Saw the almond bark in the first pic …. guessing that’s what you use … but not sure what to do.
    At any rate – you have inspired me!!! Thanks.

  27. says

    These are wonderful, the directions sound so easy and I can not wait to make these. My neice had made cake pops that looked like lil frog heads for her son’s b-day party and they were a big hit. She had tried to explain how easy these were to make but I thought, no way, lol.So i did a lil searching and found your facebook page and you was so kind and quick to respond when I asked the question on how cake pops were made. Thank you.

  28. Christina says

    I just ruined a cake and now need to make cake pops. I LOVE this idea but don’t have the time to dip them. Any ideas?

  29. Humaira Khan says

    Hey, the cake stand was wicked! The pops look stunning! Can you think of anything else besides frosting to help bind the cake balls? I can’t stand how sweet the frosting is – i thought about canned custard but that might be too runny…ideas?

  30. says

    OMG, this is SOO good ! As my friend, Christian Wilson, and I were scrolling through the pictures, we were just amazed by how wonderfully made these thingy mabobbers are 😀 ! i congratulate y’all <33

  31. candis swanson says

    hi i knw this is a dumb question but this is my first time makin… what is the almond bark used for and do you knw where i can find melted candies

  32. Brianna says

    Im having a movie night with a lovely family and I saw your cake ball recipe I just had to make it thanks so much from my kitchen to yours.

  33. Gina says

    What a treat to find your blog!!
    Not only you give me inspiration to go for the adorable cake make it look simple..adorable and to top it off you have adorable girls and one of them is named Bella like mine!
    I love your Blog!!

  34. says

    Thanks for the pics and tips on the cake pops! I want to make them for my twins’ 5th b-day party, but figured it wasn’t as easy as some people made it look. Reading about them on your blog and trying to learn how, ahead of time is going to save me some heartache if I’d tried to wait until the last moment to ‘throw them together’!

  35. says

    You know, while I love LOOKING at Bakerella’s cake pops, it seems like they’re SO much work. I’d much rather go minimal and then have more time to eat them :)

  36. Suzanne says

    Christi, I enjoyed reading and learning about how cake pops are made. My daughter, Katie, inspired me to go on line to see how she makes them, and I came up on your site. I am putting together a baby shower for my daughter, and we are going to make them for the party. Katie made a batch of three different cakes mix flavors for Christmas, had them decorated so nicely, and we all enjoyed them. Thank you for inspiring others to do this as well. It is so pretty, so tasty, and even my son-in-law gobbled them down!

  37. Anna says

    WHY in this WORLD am I so far behind on the cake pop craze??? How stinking adorable?!?! My daughter has a valentines day birthday, so I showed her these and told her we were SO making these for her birthday, to which she replied, “No thanks!” Hmmm. Guess she’s a little behind, too! =) Thanks for making it look so easy! I am super pumped!

  38. Michelle says

    Can i make my own frosting to add into the cake mix instead of using can frosting? I can’t find them in my local DIY shop. Please advice. Thank you.

  39. Kate says

    Great tutorial & pics-thanks a lot! I got a bakepop pan set 4 Christmas this yr and made cakepops that way… Not 2 bad- a lot of ppl I gave them to really liked em. But it took a ton of time to pour the batter into the little moulds, then we had to take the lid off the mould @ just the right time when cooling so the cakepops wouldn’t crack in half, then I think maybe bcuz the cake balls were so fluffy, it was a real bugger dipping them in the candy coating (and tryin to keep em on the stick). I luv the Starbucks pops, so that’s what got me wantin to make em. Thought the bakepop pan set would b a timesaver, but i don’t think it really was- and the pops weren’t all good n gooey n yummy like the Starbucks ones. Sooo- I can’t wait to try ur recipe. I am makin up a batch to decorate all pretty 4 valentines day 2 hand out 2 the ppl I luv! 😀 p.s. Can u freeze these after they r all completed (like in little baggies) & still have as good of a quality product after they’re thawed back out? And wld u happen to have an estimate on approx how many a normal sz box of cakemix will make? Thanks a bunch!! 😀

  40. Kate says

    Oop sorry I think u already gave the answer 2 my question on how many. Sorry I missed that the first time thru. Looks like approx 50 cakepops with 2 boxes of mix. Thx again.

  41. Patty says

    Just curious why you would use box cake mix and canned frosting? All the pictures are nice but do you have a from scratch version? Especially with the Kitchenaid being a serious mixer.

  42. Clarissa says

    Just finished up making these and wrapping them up for valentine’s day. Ran along a few bumps in the road, but for my first cake pop attempt I think they turned out okay. I used some leftover chocolate cake, so I didn’t have a full batch. So I think I might have put in too much frosting and not enough cake, because it ended up being super duper soft. I put them into balls, and dipped the sticks in the melted candy melt pellet thingies that we got. But even after chilling those overnight and all during the school day, they were still soft and didn’t stay of the sticks well. So my advice to anyone else new to cake pops, try not to go frosting overboard. Even though it may be very tempting.
    I couldn’t find any colored chocolate (I wanted pink chocolate for valentines day) at Michele’s, but I did find these “candy melt” pellets. They’re ment to be poured into molds and you heat them right in the microwave. When they cool they’re like a hard candy shell. Sounds great, but that had issues too. It was too heavy for my fragile soft dough, and when I tried to dip one it would all fall apart. So I ended up dipping only the bottom, quickly setting them on a cookie sheet, and used a spoon to carefully cover the rest of the pop, followed by a quick sprinkle shower. So, needless to say, they are very messy looking, not so nice and neat as yours. But in the end, they taste great. And the coating, however messy, hardened and really helped to stabilize it and hold it together.
    So anyways, I just wanted to say thanks for giving out such a great, simple recipe for this. I don’t know how you made them so pretty, but kudos for you! And, sorry for rambling on for so long here. Hope you don’t mind ^^;;

  43. asmaa moussa says

    I just made them and they taste great. I couldn’t find any lolipop sticks so I just used skewers. the problem is they couldn’t stand still, the skewers gone though them. plz tell me how to make them stand still like yours… thanks for the great recipe in advance.

  44. wendy says

    did you add lard to the melted chocolate? I saw on You Tube someone had done that; not sure why? Maybe to make them shine?

  45. says

    I just want to know if anybody knows about this website two years back i play on the internet to find some things to make for my grand daughter birthday there was the one website that gave me a lot of ideas to make poppies cars pig and the most we used was marsmallows marie biscuits and sweets can somebody help me i need to plan another birthday partie i can not remember wich side it was

  46. Mailty says

    Hey ladiesss and mickie! Me and my bestest friends are making pops right now! Thanks for all the input! Its greatly appreciated! Bless y’alls cayute little hearts!
    Love always,

  47. Shayla says

    This may sound like a stupid question but do you roll on your sprinkles right after you dip them in chocolate? And if you don’t want the flat on a side do you let the m cool a minute and them stick them in a stand or a piece of styrofoam?

    Thanks so much for te recipe, I’m gonna try on my family before I take them to a shower

  48. annette says

    A random search for cake pops brought up your sight. I am making them right now for a card part of ladies age 50 or more. Thank you for the wonderful pictures an instructions

  49. Paige says

    This seems to be a lovely idea. You have truly inspired me. Just a thought that crossed my mind. Where would get the sticks from if you don’t have any Baking supply stores near you at all?

    • says

      Paige, if you have a craft store, they usually have a small section of baking supplies. I think most Walmarts do as well. And if not, my good friend Amazon always comes through for me. :)

  50. michelle says

    these instructions were not that good and my cake pops turned out gross. the stick didn’t even stay in the ball and i threw them out. DISAPPOINTMENT.

    • says

      Michelle, maybe you will find something more to your liking over at Bakerella’s site… Since she pretty much started the cake pop trend, and is the author of a book on the subject, her advice is top notch and I can’t think of a greater expert when it comes to cake pops, hopefully you will not be disappointed with her site. Sorry yours were “gross” – given that every cake & frosting brand/mix/flavor/combo are different, everyone needs to find the flavors that are to their liking. I have a lot of cake pop advice, tips and tricks that can be found here if you are interested. Cake pops can certainly be a challenge. Best of luck!

  51. Brooklyn says

    What stinks is that when I found white chocolate chunks to use in my cake pops I couldn’t melt them. I tried 3 times and failed all three. I have made my cake pops and stuck them in the fridge but now they’re ready to be dipped in chocolate and I’ve wasted the whole pack of chocolate chips already. I was wondering how you made your melted chocolate and if its ok to leave cake pops in the freezer over night. By the way I love your recipe and your pictures.

  52. Heather says

    Hey christi, mine turned out, well lets be honest, bad. They just weren’t doughy enough. They were completely falling off the sticks. We followed your instruction to a tee, so wondering any tips or ideas? Thanks…..

    but no thanks…
    -Heather M. Russenfroth

  53. says

    These look delicious! I made some cake pops, but i decided to use more cake to make them bigger! And then to top it off, I also used a Pretzel stick instead of a lollipop stick as the handle!

  54. Jacqui says

    These look great! I have a question though. I would like to make these with yellow cake and chocolate melts. If I want the cake to remain a “yellow” cake flavor, what could I add to the cake mix to make it “stick”? If I had chocolate frosting or vanilla frosting, won’t it take on a different taste? Thanks for any help you can provide. : )


    • says

      Jacqui, yes, it will alter the taste a bit. I’d probably go with a vanilla. For a true yellow cake flavor, I think a baked cakepop (I use the Babycakes Cake Pop Maker) would be the way to go. I’ll actually be doing some posts on it here soon!

  55. Deb King says

    thanks for sharing…we have a fund raiser at the residential home where i work…and these will go down a treat with the residents,staff and visitors.

  56. says

    To see how to make cake pops are cool! but now i know how to make make them i’m going to make 30 cake pops with my best friends! but i hope they taste good!

  57. Vanessa says

    Thank you for the great explanation of this recipe. :) I am going to practice making these as I plan on adding them to the treat table at my son’s graduation party.

  58. Melanie says

    Im so excited to make these but i have a few questions 1) what is the almond bark used for? 2) so u add all the canned frosting to make a doughy mixture wih the already bake cake? 3) u melt more frostong and then dip the cakepops in the new frosting? Thank you :)

    • says

      Melanie – the frosting goes in with the cake after it’s baked, as shown in the photos. Almond bark is a form of chocolate coating (like Wilton Melts), that’s what you dip your cake pops in after you have mixed together your baked cake and frosting. You do not dip them into frosting. You could, but it won’t harden or work like chocolate coating will. Any cake pops you see on my blog have been dipped in a chocolate coating or almond bark.

  59. says

    I just put these in the fridge to cool (just have to dip and sprinkle but I have tested one) and they are SO easy!!! Thank you SOOOO much! What a perfect treat for my Thirty-One team tomorrow at our monthly meeting! Love love love the easiness and affordability! I will be using these at my future parties as well! Thanks a ton, you ROCK! :)


  1. […] I will say, this recipe may not be the most specific I’ve ever shared, mainly because I wasn’t making everything as precise as I normally do.  So think of this more as an idea/guideline on how to make these.   For a more detailed look at how I make cake pops, check out this post. […]

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