Chocolate Covered Oreos… With Hello Kitty

In April our youngest daughter will be turning one, and I guess it’s time to start thinking about her first birthday party.  I think every first birthday is super special (heck, every birthday for that matter – I mean I’m always up for cake!), but Grace’s feels a bit more so.   Grace came to our family through the miracle of open adoption.

Anyone who has dealt with infertility or been on the adoption journey knows it’s a long and emotional one, and some days I still can’t believe that this beautiful, healthy and happy little sweetheart is our daughter.

Anyways, so it will be a big celebration, and the only thing I know for sure is the colors will be orange, pink and yellow.    Looking in my baking cabinet today I thought it might be a good idea to start trying out ideas for treats for her party.   I decided to go with chocolate covered marshmallow pops and chocolate covered vanilla oreo pops.

I started with dipping the sticks in chocolate and than popping them into the marshmallows.   I find that doing this, and letting the chocolate set up before dipping the entire marshmallow, makes it a bit more sturdy on the stick (and less likely to take a dive into your bowl of chocolate).

I took the oreos (well to be specific, the Trader Joe’s Joe Joe’s.  Yummy!) apart and put some chocolate inside to hold the sticks inside the cookies.

After that I put the top back on the cookies and let the chocolate set up before dipping the entire cooking into chocolate.

Yeah.  I think these are going to be cute.

The Hello Kitty sugar decorations kind of took them to a whole new level of cuteness.  Of course Hello Kitty does that with anything, at least in my opinion.  :)

Chocolate covered marshmallow sweetness.

Chocolate dipped Oreo goodness.

Yay!  Oreos, chocolate and Hello Kitty.  I think that will work for a party.

I think that would make a cute little party favor.   Now, maybe I should taste test, I mean I don’t want people eating anything that I’m not 100% sure is delicious…


  1. says


    your work is amazing!!! and your daughter is perfect, that image is priceless, thank you so much for sharing it. I absolutely love your work , I would love to share you with all of my friends!!
    So glad I stopped by today

  2. Sandra says

    Absolutely LOVE these!! What type of sprinkles are those you use? It looks like you have a good size tub of them in the main picture showing all your ingredients you use. What brand is it or where would I find them at?

  3. says

    I just want to say I love how incredibly cute these are. My daughter’s 2nd birthday is in a couple of weeks and I was thinking about Oreo cookie pops and I was wondering how to get them on the stick. Imagine my surprise and giddiness when I ran across your blog post!! YAY!

  4. indy5 says

    i forgot i was reading about the hello kitty goodies , i was distracted with the precious bundle of joy so precous i love her and never met her. give her kiss for me and kiss those legs lol i have a one year old…its such a blessing but alot of work .

  5. Mindi M. says

    Quick question on the cute dipped Oreo’s, did you stand them up like cake pops when you dipped them? So that both sides are covered and sprinkled?

    • says

      Mindi, sometimes I put chocolate on both sides (so completely dunk them in chocolate), sometimes I just cover the front with chocolate. Unlike cake pops, I do lay them down on wax paper after dipping, even if I cover both sides. The plus to the flat bottoms! :) I do not sprinkle both sides though, but you certainly could, it’d be very cute.

  6. Mindi M. says

    Thanks Christi!
    I’ve only found your blog recently through facebook, and I look forward to all of your postings. :-)

    Stay cool in the heat.

  7. Lindsay says

    So adorable! Where do you get the sticks? I looked on the cakearts site but couldnt locate… thanks for posting this! :)

  8. tricia says

    hi there. these look so good. where did you buy the sprinkles? i buy them but they come in small containers. please reply thanks.

  9. says

    I love your blog! So many wonderful baking ideas. My daughter’s 7th birthday slumber party is coming up and I love those dipped oreos. Think I’ll be making them.


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