Green Velvet Cake Pops – More St. Patty’s Day Baking Ideas

My final treat from the green velvet cake recipe is green velvet cake pops.  Super cute!   I think most people will be quiet surprised when they bite into the cake pop and see the vivid green color.

Once you’ve made your green velvet cake, let it cool.  I actually cooled mine and than wrapped it in plastic wrap and stored in the fridge for a day before making my cake pops.   This was a nice way to break up the time it takes to make these.   Cut your cake up, and either shred it with a fork or pop it into your food processor.

It only takes a couple of pulses and you have cake crumbs.

Even though I made homemade cream cheese frosting, I decided to use canned frosting in the cake pops.  I didn’t want to have to store them in the fridge, so shelf stable frosting made sense.   I put a big scoop in (I always start out with a little bit and add in as needed, to make sure I don’t over do it)  and gave it a few more spins in the Cuisinart.

Now you will want to make your cake balls.   You can use a scoop, though I just shape mine by hand.

At this point you can put them in the fridge for a bit, but I decided to just keep on working (gotta make the most of that precious nap time…).   Next you will want to melt your chocolate (I like Merkens or Wilton).   I always dip my sticks into chocolate…

thn I put the sticks into the cake balls, and let the chocolate set up.

After the chocolate sets up, I than dip the cake balls into the chocolate, and than cover with pretty pretty sprinkles!   I love me some sprinkles.

I made both cake pops and cake balls – same thing, the only difference being the stick.

See my fancy cake pop stand?   And here all I thought it was good for was draining water.

And now you have super cute green velvet cake pops and green velvet cake balls.

I found these cute little tins at Michaels for 49 cents.   Add a bow and they are perfect to use to give your cake balls as a gift.

And a few more pics.   I think these may be my favorite treat out of all of the green velvet recipes.

Certainly a super sweet St. Patrick’s day treat!

Green Velvet Cake Pops


  1. says

    Saw you comment on i am baker facebook page. I decided to hop over and see your cake pop creation. I had such trouble when I tried to make these last Valentine’s Day. I picked up some tips here today. I think I was adding too much frosting. I need to suck it up and try again, because yours turned out so cute, and not near as time consuming as I thought:)

    • says

      Amanda – thank you so much, I’m happy I could share a few tips with you. I’m no expert, but hopefully I can at least share what has, and has not, worked for me. Yes, please do give them another go. I see a lot of recipes for a can of frosting, and I will say I’ve never used more than half a can. I start with as little as a quarter can, than add a bit at a time. Sure, some recipes make need an entire can, but if you have a really moist cake, you just don’t need so much. Just do a little at a time, and than try to make a ball with the dough, and go from there. Good luck, let me know how your next ones turn out!

      • Irene says

        To display cake pops (or cookie pops) I buy florist foam, stick it in a cheap flower pot and used shredded tissue or florists moss. Looks like a cute garden!

  2. says

    These are simply adorable. Most cake ball recipes seem so hard and full of time consuming steps, but yours seems so simple! I can’t wait to try this next time I get the urge to whip something up in the kitchen.

    • says

      Thanks so much Lauren! I agree, so many recipes I look at and think that they will be too much work or I will screw them up, and one of the things I hope I can do on my blog is show that some of this stuff really is pretty simple. It’s amazing what you can create with some dipping chocolate and pretty sprinkles!

  3. Frances says

    I’m making these next week for my dayghter’s preschool class!

    Question: Can I use Bakers chocolate squares and melt those for the cake pops OR do I have to use Wiltons candy melts?
    (and where did you buy the spinkles??)

    Thank you!

    • says

      Frances, honestly I would try to either get the Wilton melts, or some almond bark (I usually find this at my grocery stores and walmart/target). I’ve had varying results when using chocolate chips or other forms of chocolate, where the melts and the bark are pretty sure bets. It’s a bit of work to make all the balls for the cake pops, and you certainly don’t want that time and effort to go to go to waste. I’m sure your daughter’s class will love them! I get so bummed that we can’t do any homemade treats here – all store bought. No fun!

  4. Jake says

    (saw you on homepodge!) The green velvet looks delicious – and the color is so vivid. I bet these are really good :)

  5. Casey says

    these look great but i’m confused! if you dip the balls in melted chocolate, what’s the frosting for?

  6. Casey says

    aaaahhh! thank you so much…I completely missed that! I’m getting the goods for these today so I can make them tomorrow; and I’m pretty darn excited. thanks!

  7. Leslie says

    Hi! Love this idea. I’m making them for both my daughters’ classes. Small problem though. I used almond bark to dip a few but the results are kind of thick and lumpy….

    • says

      Leslie, I find the almond bark can get that way. I tend to reheat it (just a few seconds at a time) to keep it from getting too thick. That said, none of my taste testers have complained about there being too much chocolate. :)

  8. Lori says

    I highly underestimated the step where you put the stick in and let it set up. I went right to the dipping and lost a few good ones. Darn shame! I will know for the next time though! My daughter’s birthday is St. Patrick’s day so always looking for green treats.

  9. Maureen says

    This is really cool. What did you use for sticks? I thought about using skewers, but I was wondering what you used.

  10. Shelly says

    These cake pops are beautiful!! I know how to dip the pops, but how do you dip the balls into the chocolate without getting them all messy? I can’t figure it out…..

  11. Sarah says

    Oh the green balls look so cool and it was my first time seeing the green ones unlike other kinds. I just like staring into them.

  12. Nicki says

    Hi…I love making red velvet cake balls and w/ Christmas coming up I would love to do both red and green cake balls for a holiday party. I have never seen green velvet cake mix though (I live in SC), what brand do you use and do you know where you can get the green mix? Thank you!!

  13. Chelsea says

    These are great! My roommate and I love to bake and we took a break from studying from exams to make these and had so much fun doing it! The green color is great, not to mention that these taste amazing! Thanks for sharing :)

  14. Jenny says

    How long do they keep for? I was planning on making cake pops for the baby shower i was planning for two of my coworkers. Will they be ok if i made them Thursday for a Saturday shower?

    Also i am very curious about the babycake cakepop maker. do they have a colored velvet cake pop?

    • says

      Jenny, Babycakes just came out with a cake pop cookbook. While I haven’t gotten my hands on it yet, I am going to guess that there is a velvet recipe of some sort in there. As for how long they keep, I think Thursday night for Saturday will probably be fine.

  15. Stacey says

    I’m planning the St. Patrick’s Day party for my daughter’s class. I can’t wait to make these..they will be a hit with the kids! I found some cello candy bags from Box and Wrap that have shamrocks on the bags….so cute. It’s the extra special touches that make the party great. Thanks so much for the recipe.

  16. Kirsten says

    I have a cake pop maker that my mom got me for Christmas – haven’t used it yet. I think it’s that babycakes one referred to above in a comment. I’m confused how I would use it – looks like you bake the cake separately and then mix with frosting and then they’re done, no further baking. So is there another way to make these things? I want to make these for my daughter’s preschool treats next week! Thanks for the adorable ideas & great pics!!

  17. says

    I was making (more like trying) green velvet cupcakes, but they werent coming out of the moldes, so i decided to make cake pops! do you know if you can do this by hand? I dont have a food processer

  18. rachel says

    I did everything exactly as it said in the recipe but my cake pops didn’t stay on the stick when I dipped them in the chocolate. It seems they were too oily or something. Does that mean I used too much frosting?

    • says

      Rachel, there are so many factors. Did you dip the sticks in chocolate first, and then let them cool/set prior to dipping the entire thing in? The size of the cake pop can be a factor – too big and gravity will always win. If the chocolate you are dipping into is too thick, it can also add to the weight. As far as oily, yes, that can be a bit too much frosting or just one that is a bit oilier. There are so many variables that it’s hard to pinpoint sometimes. Have you read this post? It has lots of tips and tricks as well as links to other sites…

  19. Lisa says

    A friend of mine was thinking about doing the balls for wedding gifts….do you think they would freeze well? It is the perfect green for her wedding theme.

    • says

      Lisa, they freeze well prior to dipping in chocolate. Then you’d want to let them thaw in the fridge, then dip. The problem I’ve had with freezing them once coated in the chocolate is that they can tend to want to expand and contract and that causes the chocolate do crack. I’m sure someone out there probably has some great advice on this, so many people make large batches and sell theirs (I do not) so I’d check around, maybe even the forum.

  20. DLAOKC says

    Just reporting in that my Green Velvet Cake Pops were a BIG hit at a party, and with my yoga class.
    Thanks so much for the recipe and inspiration. I did bake the layers ahead, refrigerate, and then used the food processor – so much easier than mixing by hand, and more uniform results. Thanks again!


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