Cupcake Pops Using My Little Cupcake Cake Pop Mold

For over a year, I wanted to make Bakerella’s cupcake cake pops.   I’d look at them online, read about them, think about them, but frankly – I was intimidated by them.   Finally a few weeks ago I gave them a try.  One word.  FAIL.   I’m not sure what I did wrong, but they were just blobs.  They tasted great, but were not very cute.   A few days later I came across My Little Cupcake’s Cake Pop Mold.   I figured for $5.95, plus shipping, I could take a risk and try it out.

Easy No Bake Cupcake Pops

Guess what???  It worked!  Wonderfully!  They have a GREAT tutorial video on the front page of their website.  I watched it and figured if her kids can do it, I could do it (or at least I should try to).   I used the No Bake recipe on her site (which happens to be my favorite Oreo truffle recipe – I’ve been known to attend Pampered Chef parties simply because I know they often serve the Oreo truffles).   I like cake pops, but I LOVE the Oreo truffles.   Let’s walk through how to do this…

Ingredients are quite simple, Oreos, cream cheese, melting chocolate, M&Ms and sprinkles.   You’ll also need sticks and having an empty egg carton ready will come in handy.    To make a full batch, you will use the entire bag of Oreos and entire block of cream cheese.   Now, having said that, I almost always cut back on the cream cheese.   For this batch I used half the bag of Oreos and 1/3 the block of cream cheese.

Take the Oreos for a spin in the food processor.

Poor the crumbs into a bowl.   Add your cream cheese.

Ready to get your hands dirty?   Mix that cream cheese in by hand.  It’s gooey and messy and you have to work it for a bit, but eventually you will get this…

Resist eating the giant ball of Oreo truffle dough.   It’s hard, I know.

Roll the dough by hand into 1″ balls.   I tended to make mine too small, they needed to be a decent size.  Almost the size of a golf ball.   The first few I made weren’t big enough, and I had to redo them.    After making the Oreo balls, put them in the fridge for at least ten minutes.

Now you will want to take your ball of dough and put it into the cupcake pop mold.  I found it best to not try and squish it in, but let the mold do the work when you close it.

Wipe off any excess.    And with a little luck, you will have a super cute little cupcake!

Aww, aren’t they cute?   Now stick them in the fridge for at least ten more minutes.   Before pulling them out of the fridge, go ahead and melt your chocolate according to the package directions.

Dip the bottom part of the cake pop into the chocolate.

After dipping the bottom in chocolate, insert your stick.   This is where your egg carton will come in handy, as it makes a wonderful cupcake pop holding area.

After the chocolate has set, melt your second chocolate color so you can dip the tops into it.

Let the excess drip off, turn over and top with an M&M and then sprinkles of your choice.

And then let set.   I used a block of styrofoam from Walmart to put mine in.

How freaking cute are those?????    Thumbs up to My Little Cupcake for their amazing product!

I put mine into a yellow bucket from the Target dollar section.  You can use styrofoam in it, but I actually used dried beans to hold mine in place.  Easter grass hides so much!

Love them!  Hopefully the sweet birthday girl who I made them for will enjoy them.




  1. says

    I’m wanting to get one of those molds when the new version comes out in a couple of months. I’ve made cake pops numerous times, and so many times I’ve gotten frustrated and said, “NEVER AGAIN!” But Bakerella does it ALL the time, so I figure it must get better with practice….. I hope. Mostly, I’m just glad I saw this because of your cute little Target bucket. I’ve seen some really cute ones there but always pass them up because I have no real use for them. Now I do!

  2. Rosie says

    Wow, those are absolutely adorable!!! Using a mold seems much less intimidating than the cookie cutter method!!

  3. Kathy in Greendale says

    I made Bakerella’s recipe today and….FAIL for me also. I love the cupcake mold but I think I need to try the Oreo no bake recipe, or less frosting in Bakerella’s recipe (although, I did exactly as she suggested).

  4. says

    I just bought this mold thanks to this post! Cake pops are on my list in the next few weeks and I was wondering how to make the shape properly without having to have a bunch of ruined dough (that I would then have to eat!). Thank you – I hope mine turn out as well as yours!

  5. says

    these really are cute, and I too had the epic fail with cake pops….I decided to move on and let them be, but you have spiked my interest….

  6. j salinas says

    May I ask where did you find the mold for the cupcake pops? They are so cute, I just made some without the mold and they are not as cute.

  7. says

    The great mold is from My Little Cupcake –

    Seriously, I love this thing. It was really easy. While I’m not glad to hear that others struggled with trying to make the Bakerella cupcake pops (okay, maybe a little – because I kept thinking she makes it look SO easy!!!), I love this option.

    I will also add that I SOOO prefer the Oreo truffle recipe versus the cake and frosting. I prefer the taste, I prefer the consistency, and just find it a bit easier to work with, for me personally.

    Though I will ALWAYS support the eating of extra/leftover/failure cake pop dough. I just want to be clear on that. :)

    I’d love to hear how others do with the mold. I honestly wasn’t expecting much after my epic fails, so I was so happily surprised. The girl I made them for was thrilled. Yay!

  8. Tiara Wells says

    I love this website i go on it every day and i am really hoping I can make one of these one day and have a website and a store. Your my inspiration I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Tiara Wells says

    I LOVE IT SO MUCH I CANT WAIT TO MAKE THEM… Im only 12 but i want to be a cook when im older and well… your my inspiration!!!!!!!!

  10. Barb says

    Can u tell me what melting chocalates you used? They turned out very cute and I just got the mold today.
    Thank you.

  11. Sana says

    Hi! I’m really hoping this will work out with me (unlike the cake pops)!. Just one question, how many oreos did you use? How many are there in a package? Thanks!

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  13. Courtney says

    im planning on having a daughter soon, and am totally excited about this recipe, for my baby shower. eeeeeeeee i cant wait!!!!!

  14. hannah says

    my name is hannah and i absolutely love cupcakes with all the love in the world these cupcake pops are the cutest awesomest thing ever!!!!!!!!!:D

  15. Capability says

    My kids will love these-I am already bookmarking this page- many thanks! Just dropped by after my SITS Day – enjoy your day!

  16. says

    Those are adorable and such a great idea. I really wanna eat one! My daughter wants a birthday party at home this year and I just may try those. Thanks and I am following your blog for your great ideas.

  17. Katherine says

    ok, JUST finished making these and they are DELICIOUS! I prefer the taste of these much more to the cake ones as well! they are so yummy! I have a question though. I made them for tomorrow and there is cream cheese in there so should i refrigerate until I am ready to bring them to their desitnation? I am afraid leaving them out will make them go bad? sorry dont mean to ask a silly question, I just want to make sure. I am just beginning to get into baking so Im not sure about everything…thank you so much!

  18. Jessica says

    Hi, where I live we don’t have giant packets of Oreos like that. Can you please tell me how many grams of Oreos/cream cheese is needed for this recipe and roughly how many they make.

  19. linda smith says

    Please do not put your cakes in egg cartons unless they haven’t had any eggs in them. In Rhode Island last year a man died and many people became ill from salmonella posioning after eating food prepared like this at a bakery. They use used egg crate for holding their eclairs. Just word of caution.


    • says

      Debbie, I don’t recall exactly. I tend to always error on the side of way too many – if I was making 45 cake cupcake pops, I would probably triple this recipe (so three bags of Oreos). Hope that helps!

  20. Debbie says

    cool that helps a lot. I can’t wait to make these it will be my first time and will be purchasing the little cupcake mold as well. These are just tooo cute.

  21. Mary Jane Newlon says

    I was looking at one of your ads about brownie single servings and the form was from Chicago Metallic. I cannot seem to find it, would you please help me.?

  22. yummo says

    I have been lucky enough to get my hands on a babycakes cake pop cooker!! can all your recipes be used in it??? i also have a mini cupcake cooker – would that work for something like this???

  23. says

    This is soo cool… No bake oreo truffle pop :-) i just have one question, how early can i make these? Do i need to refrigerate them after coating with candy melts? I will give them as my gift for my friends daugter… And ive got to make them early cause im also making her cake…. Im looking forward for your reply…
    Thanks in advance :-)

  24. Latasha Drain says

    I was looking for the recipe for the No Bake Oreo cream cheese truffles. The website doesn’t work. Is it posted anywhere and tell how many the full recipe makes.

  25. rehana says

    Hi. Sorry for the annoying question, but I’m new to cake pops so what quantities of oreos to cream cheese do I use? The My Little cupcake website no longer has the recipe page available.

  26. Christine says

    Hi! Been so addicted to these cuties so i actually tried to make some myself.. And viola-epic fail. I am not sure, but my theory is that i put in more cream cheese than the oreo cookies so what happened is that when i dipped it in chocoate, it fell off the pop stick. :( is my theory correct?should there be more oreos and just a little cream cheese? Thanks!

  27. Shaann says

    Hi, I think the ingredient I browse thru for ores truffles cakepop was as below
    Oreo 48 pcs ( ard 4 packets of Oreo )
    One pkt cream cheese

  28. Rasheeda Staples says

    I want make these next week for my daughter’s first birthday… I want to make them in advance because I’m making other treats as well… What would be the best way to store these so that they are fresh for the party???

    • says

      Rasheeda, probably in the fridge. I’m not a huge fan of making them too far in advance. Cookies, cake, things like that I feel great about freezing, cake pops are something I usually try to do as close to the event as possible. Have fun and Happy Birthday to the little one!

    • says

      Claudia, I freeze mine before dipping all the time. I’ve never frozen any kind of cake pop once dipped, I think the changes in temp of the chocolate puts it too much at risk for cracking.

  29. emily says

    love the recipe and i cant wait to make these but i was wondering how many oreos did you use because the packages are different in ireland thank you soooooo much!!!!!!!!


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