Peeps Cookies

I love Peeps.  Clearly.  But I do understand that not everybody loves the sugary crusted marshmallow goodness.   So today’s treat is inspired by the cuteness of Peeps, but in sugar cookie form.  No actual Peeps here folks.    Finding a Peeps cookie cutter ended up being a bit more of a challenge then I expected, but luckily the amazingly talented SweetSugarBelle  shared that a Peeps style cookie cutter could be found at Hobby Lobby.

We’ll keep this simple, just make your favorite sugar cookie recipe.  Or buy your favorite sugar cookie dough.   Do the whole little mix it up and roll it out thing.  Then cut cute little cookies – I did Peeps, hearts and eggs.    I decided to put some of my cookies on sticks.  I put the sticks under the sugar cookie before I bake it, and gently press the cookie down on the stick.

Bake your cookies.  Eat some dough.  Whatever strikes your fancy.   When I bake my cookies on a stick, I loosen them with a spatula when I get the tray out of the oven, but then I let them completely cool on the baking sheet.   I find that when I try to move cookies that are still warm, they want to part ways with the stick.  Once they are cool you have cute little cookie pops to decorate.

I have to admit, I really don’t enjoy decorating sugar cookies.   I have the attention span of a fruit fly, and by the time I put a cookie in the oven, I’m ready to move on to something else.   I really admire all of the people who create art with their sugar cookies.  I am in complete awe of their talent.   I am also looking for the quickest way possible to frost my own cookies, so I can get back to cute things like this…

So my favorite method is to cover the cookies with frosting and then just smother the life out of it with sprinkles.   Yay sprinkles!

I think I may go through bright happy springy color withdrawal when I finish up this whole Peeps week thing.

Frost.  Dump on some sprinkles.  Call it good.   Works for me.

Easter egg cookies covered with jimmies sprinkles.

I love Peeps cookies covered with sanding sugar crystals.

My other sweet girl.

COOKIE CUTTER GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED.   So would you like to make your own Peeps cookies?  Leave a comment here and you’ll be entered to win a Peeps style cookie cutter.   You can also comment on Facebook.    A comment here is one entry, and a comment on FB is one entry.   I should probably add Twitter to the mix, but I can barely navigate Twitter, so maybe I’ll do that with the next giveaway.   I will draw a name Monday morning and mail out the cookie cutter that afternoon.

Over the weekend I will write up the final Peeps week post, with ideas for packaging all your sweet Peeps treats.

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  1. Tierra says

    LOVE your ideas and your *gorgeous* pictures of everything. Very enticing for someone who does not bake. (Ever.) After reading your blog, I think I can, I think I can! :)

  2. Sharon says

    Love all the ideas, I am doing a bunny party for my 3 year old and I’ll definitely try to make a few of your peeps projects. Bunny cookie cutter would be very helpful

  3. says

    We are the same person I think. We must be linked somehow because I have these sketched out in my notebook to make. :) I fell in love with them over at Sweet Sugar Belle’s. Yours are so so so cute! I may just go through withdrawl right along with you when these spring colors leave us. Great post! Now I’m going on over to Facebook… lol :) K

  4. Deea says

    Just found your websight & I’m so excited about it! Would LOVE to win your cookie cutter & make some adorable PEEPS! :) Thanks!

  5. Brandi says

    I just dicovered your site and i absolutely LOVE IT! Cant wait to try Peeps week with my kiddos…..

  6. Kristy says

    I love your recipes! I am trying to figure out which Peeps treat I want to make for my daughter’s daycare party! You are so creative!

  7. Gail McLane says

    NOW THIS IS SOMETHING I WOULD LOVE….I love peeps and I love to bake….This would be such a GREAT gift….Just for me….well of course i would share with the little ones…:)

  8. Laura Coghi says

    Amazing you are so talent!!!!! I love your ideas I love you page love everything thank you so much for each idea!!!! Help me a lot!!!!


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