Peeps Stuffed Rice Krispies Treats For Easter

PEEPS Stuffed Crispy Treats at Love From The Oven

While my Peeps Week is officially over, I wasn’t quite ready to let go of the Peeps goodness.   I have one last Peeps treat to share.   Peeps Stuffed Rice Krispy Treats.   I’m having so much fun creating different stuffed rice krispy treats.  I’ve done them with dark chocolate and white chocolate. I just couldn’t leave the Peeps out of the fun.

My other posts detail the general instructions on how to make these.    For the Peeps krispy treats, I put Wilton’s white chocolate on one krispy treat, and then topped it with a Peep that I had cut in half.

Then I added white chocolate to the other krispy treat, and put the two together.  On top I added yet more white chocolate, another Peep (I cut mine in half, but you could certainly put the Peep on whole), and sprinkled on the cute pink & yellow Nestle Mini Toppers.

And ended up with this adorable Easter treat…

PEEPS Stuffed Crispy Treats

A different view…

Cute PEEPS Stuffed Cripsy Treats

Oh how I will miss these cute little Peeps when they disappear from the stores next week.   I may have stockpiled a few (or more then a few) so I won’t have to face life without their colorful sugary sweetness.


  1. Shannon says

    You can always order Peeps from their online store! I’m lucky enough to drive past their store at The National Harbor everyday on my way home from work…peeps are just minutes away!

  2. says

    Hello Christi — I just wanted to see if you’d like a Babble badge for Readers’ Choice award to put on your blog as people have nominated it for Babble’s best food mom blogs of 2011. If you’re interested, please email me back!


  3. says

    Hey! What a wonderful idea!:-) I’m going to do that this weekend! I have been your follower for a while now, hope you come by and visit my blog. My husband and I are in our first round of IVF and can’t wait to find out the results!! Hope you come by and follow! I look forward to reading more of yours on the future!

  4. says

    Hi~ I just found your blog.. oh MY! I will be back.. so many YUMMY FUN ideas.. I think today is gonna be choc. dipped PEEP day! :) I had to share your site with some crafty friends and my Facebook Friends! :)
    Have a GREAT day.. I will be back.. :) (I dont mean that in a stalking way.. well only in a good stalking way! HA HA!)

  5. says

    I just found your blog and I LOVE it. I also love to bake. These looks so sweet AND delicious. My girls would enjoy them! I’m your newest follower.


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