Thin Mints Truffle Pops

One of the older dancers at my daughter’s dance studio recently celebrated her 19th birthday.  She’s one of the sweetest girls, an amazing dancer and a truly excellent role model in that she has a work ethic that you just don’t tend to see a lot these days.   I figured instead of just making cupcakes, I’d ask her what she would like me to make for her birthday.  After some thought, she asked if I could turn a box of Thin Mints into cake pops.   I was pretty sure this was possible and after a quick search, I found that Kristan at Confessions Of A Cookbook Queen had indeed made Thin Mint Truffles.   So it was safe to assume, they would be awesome.

Thin Mints Pops

Wondering if you should make these?  Let me show you Exhibit A…

Truffle Pops Made From Thin Mints

I rest my case.   They are ah-mazing.   You can find the recipe over on Kristan’s site.  The only modification I made was adding about a tablespoon of dark cocoa – I know D likes dark chocolate, so I thought I’d kick the chocolate up a bit.

Girl Scout Cookies Thin Mints Truffle Pops

Super easy to make…

Start with Thin Mints and Cream Cheese.  It helps if your name is on the box of cookies ! :)

Check out the exact recipe over on Confessions Of A Cookbook Queen

Happy Birthday D!

Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookie Pops

Check out the exact recipe over on
Confessions Of A Cookbook Queen


  1. dawn says

    can you form these into shapes like traditional cake pops? I like you am not a huge fan of the traditional cake and frosting mixture.

  2. keara says

    Mmm these look AMAZING! Can’t believe I gotta wait til next year to make these, already ate my box of thin mints. Are the green swirls made with colored chocolate or just an icing pen? You should do a post on the best way to decorate them!

  3. Donna says

    I am looking for any recipes for cake pops that I can find. I just purchased a caker maker and I thought they it was coming with recipes. It did, 2, chocolate, and plain,. No other choices. On the show there over 30 different cake pops shown with icing I want recipes. Does anyone have some to share please. They would be appreciated as I have a 7 ywaer old neice who loves to help me cook.

  4. laurie Canevali says

    I recall a similar thinmint cakepop recipe that said if They’re not available, you can substitute Keebler Grasshopper cookies. Any thoughts?


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