Single Serving Deep Dish Cookie A La Mode

Without a doubt, my daughter’s favorite dessert of all time is the deep dish style pizza cookies from Oregano’s. They are also referred to as Pizookie by BJ’s Restaurant and I’ve even heard them called Cookies A La Mode. Who cares what you call them, as long as you can get your hands on them. A warm, not completely baked cookie base that is topped with cool creamy ice cream. It may just be the ultimate dessert.

For quite some time I’ve made these at home using store bought cookie dough, following the directions from Our Best Bites. It works out great. But I do not always have cookie dough on hand and it seems to be getting harder and harder to find cookie dough that is completely nut free, so I figured it was time to make these from scratch. You can really use any cookie recipe – at the holidays we made them using my Levain Bakery Copycat Double Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe.

While any cookie recipe will probably work, I wanted to have a recipe that makes one single serving (granted, it’s generous enough that you can share if you are so inclined). And I wanted to be able to make them in the microwave. Here’s what we have…

Yum. Are you ready?

This is pretty straight forward. You will need…

(Note – these are intended to be served with a scoop of ice cream on top, it’s a big part of what completes the dessert)

1.5 to 2 TBSP Melted Butter
1 TBSP Sugar
1 TBSP Brown Sugar
1/8 TSP Vanilla

1/4 Cup Flour (go with a scant 1/4 cup vs a generous 1/4 cup)
Sprinkle Of Salt If Desired
1/8 TSP Baking Powder
Chocolate Chips To Taste

Melt your butter in a microwave safe bowl. You can in make and cook these in one container, but I made mine in a measuring cup and cooked in a ramekin. I think mugs are a popular option for these microwavable desserts. After melting the butter, add in both sugars and vanilla and stir well.

Next add in your flour, salt and baking powder.

Stir to combine. Add in your chocolate chips – you can use as many or as few as you would like. Also feel free to add nuts or other mix ins.

Now it’s time to pop it into the microwave and cook. This is where there is a fair amount of variation. You could cook for as little as 40 seconds or as much as one minute and 20 seconds. This will depend on your microwave and what you want your cookie to be like. There are no eggs in this, so you are probably safe to go on the more undercooked side (my fave!).

These are best if they are immediately topped with ice cream and devoured. Yummy.

Hard to resist.

Are brownies more your style? Make sure to try the Brownie A La Anytime – just a minute in the microwave and you have warm brownie goodness ready to enjoy.


  1. says

    WOW! Thanks for this recipe! You totally read my mind…I wanted to do something similar for my hubs’ birthday tomorrow but I didn’t have it in me to recipe test. So I made deep dish cookies (way too many of them). Love this recipe!

      • says

        Well since it’s made in the microwave, just at your standard setting…
        “Now it’s time to pop it into the microwave and cook. This is where there is a fair amount of variation. You could cook for as little as 40 seconds or as much as one minute and 20 seconds. This will depend on your microwave and what you want your cookie to be like. There are no eggs in this, so you are probably safe to go on the more undercooked side (my fave!).”

        • Gloria Flick says

          I was wanting something sweet, but wasn’t sure what. I saw your recipe and made it right away. I substituted 2 tablespoons of agave nectar for the sugars and I used gluten free all purpose flour. I also added a few chopped almonds. It was GOOD!!!! I can hardly wait to share this with my husband. He’s already in bed, so he didn’t get any! Thanks so much for the recipe!

          • Gloria flick says

            Ok, so I made this for my husband the day after I tried it. He’s hooked, too! I made it again today and while in the kitchen together (I was showing him how to make them) he said, “How did anybody come up with this? This is so easy and good!”

  2. says

    This looks awesome, Christ! You’re on a roll with these micro desserts :)

    You and Jenny/picky both have nearly the same posts/recipes that went live within an hour or so of each other. I need cookies, now!

    • says

      Averie, haha – get on it girl!!! Clearly Jenny and I were of the same mindset this weekend. Now go microwave something my friend – I look forward to the breath taking photos of it. 😉

  3. says

    I love you/am super upset with you for this recipe! I love how easy you make it to have a freshly baked cookie, but I hate how I will want to make this every night for dessert!

  4. linsey says

    I’ve tried this recipie like ten times and I have witnessed a miracle every time! These cookies are super yummy and a perfect late night snack. They are so easy to make and so fast to whip up that I had the recipie memorized after making it only 3 times! Thanks so much Christi! I now have a new treat that I make for my sugar crazed family every night! Thanks again!

  5. says

    Oh and btw, I used to live in Nothern California and my friends and I would drive 30-45 minutes to the closest BJ’s JUST to order a pizookie! =]

  6. kirsti perkins says

    These look amazing! I don’t have a microwave, any cooking tips on how long and what temp to bake them in the oven?? thanks!

    • says

      Kristi, I usually bake mine on 325-350 (my oven runs hot so I do 325) for about 10-15 minutes. They are best if they are a bit underdone in the middle. And they are best in the oven – the microwave is great and quick, but the oven will give you that crust on the edges – SO good!

  7. Hannah Booth says

    I just made this a few minutes ago, and I loved it! It was delicious! In my opinion, it tasted better than store-bought cookie dough(:

  8. mira says

    Made these last night! Fantastic! I’ll never diet again 😉
    I was originally going to use another recipe, but did not have eggs. So glad I made this one!! Definitely going to try the brownie one next.

  9. Kyra says

    Awesome! Just wondering, are these meant to have a fudgy toll house cookie texture or a cakey one? Thanks! This is great (:

    • says

      I don’t think it’s cakey, more on the dense side, but I think that cakey is kind of a subjective term – but much more brownie like than cake like! :)

  10. Stefanie says

    I just made this although I was missing vanilla extract, salt, and chocolate chips. I mixed it up and popped it in the microwave for 50 seconds. When I took it out I drizzled CARAMEL on top, and it was yummy! Very satisfying :) It’s like eating warm cookie dough, but without the worry of consuming raw eggs!

  11. Amanda mcEwen says

    HI! Thank you so much for posting this. My husband is a diabetic with a sweet tooth so this is the perfect way to control portions! I will also be using these for birthday dinners at home with a little ice cream for my two little boys. Cheers!

  12. Alyse says

    I’ve made this like 20 times because its amazing, HOWEVER, I always used Country crock (margarine?)… I recently started buying unsalted butter instead, and tried to make this twice tonight with that being the only different thing and it didn’t turn out well at all. Odd!

  13. Desert + Me = HEAVEN says

    I now keep a huge stock of the not yet microwaved batches in my fridge so I can microwave it whenever I’m craving a midnight snack. It’s AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Eliza says

    Cannot wait to try this! It made me excited to read about the pizza cookie from Oregano’s as well, because I used to live across the street from Oregano’s as an ASU student, and now I miss it since I’ve moved to SC. Thanks!

  15. Beth says

    Note to self: this cannot be made in advance- we will be trying again, and cooking right away. I was just trying to save some time! :)

  16. Terri says

    Loved this. Substituted unsweetened applesauce for butter and used trivia for white sugar and used whole wheat flour and felt better about nutrition but either way portion control is where it’s at. The whole wheat version was delicious. Put fat free whip cream on top and was in heaven. Thanks for the post.

  17. Sarah says

    Just as a note, I did ended up doing it for about ~20 minutes at 350F in the toaster oven plus a five minute rest once out to get it to the right texture. This was probably a function of my choice of dish and that I used a toaster oven (not as heat efficient as a normal oven). Also, it was a bit crumbly, so if I would make this again I would use some sort of binder (part of a beaten egg, meringue powder, flax meal, etc.) to make it more gooey.

    However, flavor was AMAZING and by far the best “single serving” baked good I’ve made yet.

  18. Amy says

    I just made this, but maybe I did something wrong. When I mixed in the flour it was very dry, so I added some water. I cooked it, but it was very fluffy and a lot like a cake. Better luck next time

  19. Garylene Porter says

    What a luscious and fabulous idea.
    This is great when you don’t want a big batch of cookies hanging
    around the house whispering your name.

  20. Marcia MCKinney says

    I made these a couple weeks ago and they were great. Tonight I was thinking about oatmeal cookies made this way. Any suggestions on a recipe???

  21. Cookie Hunter says

    This looks great! I simply MUST try it tonight. :) just one quick question, how many calories do you suppose this recipe has? I’m currently trying to lose weight and I’m tracking my calorie intake. Do you have an estimate?

    • says

      Cookie Hunter, Sorry, no idea on the calories, the only time I really figure those out is for my muffin makeover or breakfast cookie type recipes, not on any of the indulgent ones. Maybe try plugging the ingredients in on one of the sites that figure them out?

  22. Elyse says

    These are absolutely delish! My fiancée came across your app and I happened to stumble upon his open iPad. Boy am I glad I did! (I think he is too 😀 )

  23. Chocolate Lover ^.^ says

    Oh my god!
    This was awesome!
    Everyone loved it, but said it was sweet. I’m trying to lessen the sugar by a tsp or so. What do you think?
    Other than that, it tasted amazing.
    I’m so glad that it didn’t have an egg. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I don’t feel comfortable eating it if it comes out of the microwave, I just don’t like that feeling. I’ve been searching for an egg-less 1 serving cookie mug thing for so long, and I finally found your site, so I thank you!
    I’m trying your brownie a la anytime next! 😉

    ~Chocolate Lover ^.^

    • Chocolate Lover ^.^ says

      Do you think you did anything wrong? If you did something different than the recipe, that might be the reason.
      I hope you find a solution soon!

  24. Melissa Daniel says

    I’m here at home, seven months pregnant, it’s 830pm. I just got attacked by a sweet craving. Saw this on Pinterest & decided to give it a try. Sooooo good! A few changes were in order to pull it off… didn’t have brown sugar, so I doubled regular… no chocolate chips in sight, but butterscotch chips & coconut flakes. Topped that bad boy off with a scoop of vanilla ice cream…. Amazing. Thank you for sharing! I may not be as thankful when it’s time to drop this baby weight, but for now…. yummmmmmm :)

    • Gramma says

      Just so you know… any time you don’t have brown sugar in the house, you can use white sugar mixed with molasses. That’s how brown sugar is made anyway, so don’t deprive yourself of a nice warm cookie for the want of brown sugar. I’m calorie counting too, & don’t have the space in my calorie allowance today for this. But considering the options to substitute ingredients for another day.

  25. Gigi says

    To be honest, ( not mean) this was okay. When I made this it was to satisfy my cookie craving. It did. The only thing I would have to say is that it was dry. I put milk in the bowl and it tasted really good.

  26. Kayla says

    i tried this step by step and mine doesnt look good at all it did not come out right its brown almost black. what’d i do help????

    • says

      Kayla, did you microwave it or bake it? With microwaves there is such a huge variation in power and wattage, that could certainly be a factor.

  27. says


    • says

      Sheeza, you could try, it would likely be a bit drier and the flavor would lack a bit of depth. I really value what brown sugar brings to a chocolate chip cookie.


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