Halloween Brain Cake

I have a fun Halloween giveaway to kick off the week for you (GIVEAWAY NOW CLOSED, THANK YOU!).   A great big giant packed full of Halloween fun giveaway from the folks at Kraft Foods.   Check out all these great goodies, so many great things I could barely squeeze them all into the photo…

Halloween Oreos and Jet Puffed Marshmallows – two of my holiday (or anytime) favorites for sure!!!   This week I will be sharing fun ways that I’ve used the kit that Kraft gave to me, starting with this deliciously spooky dessert using Kraft Jell-O.   It’s not odd to have cake on the brain around here, but we decided to switch it up.  And have some brain on our cake…

My daughter loved this project.   It turns out a Jell-O brain is quite the hit.   It was easy to make and a great instruction book is included with the kit, which provides you with a few variations on this.    We went with simple strawberry Jell-O and the mold.

And we put our Jell-O Brain on top of a cake that I frosted with white frosting and then dripped a little extra red frosting over.  SO simple.   This is a great way to turn a rather plain dessert into a perfect party table centerpiece.

The cute Halloween Subway art in the photo is from Eighteen 25.

This would be so much fun at a Halloween party.


Would you like to win your own Creating A Spook-Tacular Halloween With Kraft Kit?   Check out the list of fun eats, treats and extras that it includes…

  • NEW! JET-PUFFED MARSHMALLOW (PumpkinSpiceMALLOWS, GhostMALLOWS JUMBO PumpkinMALLOWS):  JET-PUFFED is celebrating Halloween with three holiday inspired varieties. Have Fun with Your Yum by visiting their Facebook Community to get recipes, coupons, new product news and tips!
  • JELL-O Molds (Halloween brain mold and JIGGLERS Halloween mold): Create a spook-tacular JELL-O brain mold and some ghoulish JELL-O JIGGLERS to help make your Halloween frightfully fun! You can purchase both molds online from the Kraft store—each mold comes with recipe ideas that you can share with neighbors and friends this Halloween. We’re including strawberry and orange JELL-O to use to make these spooky molds, but you can use whatever flavor you want.
  • Halloween OREO cookies:  Check out the dressed up orange creme OREO cookies this season. You can find “Boo-rific” shapes on the side of each OREO cookie: a witch, pumpkin, ghost, black cat or bats. OREO is also excited to show off refreshed packaging for Halloween—with a group of witches brewing up the orange creme!
  • NEW! VELVEETA Cheesy Potatoes (Au Gratin and Bacon Scalloped): In between those snacks and sweets, make sure you check out the smooth & creamy Liquid Gold of VELVEETA cheese sauce on 100% real potatoes. This will be a side dish the whole family will be sure to love.
  • NEW! PHILADELPHIA Indulgence Cinnamon and Dulce de Leche: Dive into two new flavors of PHILADELPHIA Indulgence, Dulce de Leche and Cinnamon.  Luscious caramel and sweet cinnamon are combined with the creamy smoothness of PHILADELPHIA cream cheese to give you a unique taste experience.  And pairing them with crisp, fall apples is just the beginning.  If you can dream it, you can dip it.
  • orange casserole dish
  • kid’s Halloween apron
  • Halloween serving dish
  • pumpkin party picks
  • glow-in-the-dark Halloween cups

Kraft Foods is providing the prizes for this program at no cost to me and has provided me with a gift of equal value for review.  This program is not administered or sponsored by Kraft Foods or its affiliates, but solely by Love From The Oven.

To enter, use the Rafflecopter Widget below.   Open to US Residents Only.   One winner will be selected at random on 10/17/12.  Good luck!

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  1. Allison says

    The brain cake is fantastic! I’d also love to make some fall-inspired Rice Krispies treats with the jet-puffed marshmallows!

  2. mary says

    this would be cool to have and do since were moving into a new house and lets just say their not happy and this would brit things up .

  3. Shelby N. says

    I would make some kind of s’mores variation with the different marshmallows and this cake with the brain mold!

  4. Emily says

    We love Halloween in our house. Mummy hotdog wraps are always a big hit. I plan on making something fun with the Halloween Oreos and I always have a bag of the pumpkin-mallows in our snack drawer!

  5. Lauren says

    Totally going to use the oreos as a preeschool treat for my sons class! If that small mold can be used for jello, some adult treats will be made in those!

  6. Sharon W says

    Look how cute this stuff is! The first thing the kids would have to do is fill the ghost cups up with marshmallows and eat some. THEN all the bubbly JELL-O cookies would be made. Priorities people.

  7. Heather says

    I love the brain cake idea! It is awesome. We have a halloween pumpkin carving party every year and I might have to use this idea for our party this year! I’d love to see tiny jell-o brains on cupcakes, too :) I’m going to have to look for a small brain mold. (ok, after I typed that, it made me laugh)

  8. Mrs. Schmid says

    We just moved into a new neighborhood that has a Halloween costume parade and potluck. I would definitely use the goodies in the giveaway to create some spooky snacks to share with the neighborhood kiddos!

  9. Traci says

    I would make some awesome treats for my coworkers for halloween. Maybe some oreo cupcakes with marshmellow toppers.

  10. Nicole says

    Marshmallows!!! Of course! Anything sticky and gooey = halloween! You can’t get sticky & gooey without marshmallows!

  11. Pam says

    Use the jello brain mold and float cream cheese eyeballs inside- and jello jigglers with pumpkin cookie cutters….Love Kraft!

  12. Megan D. says

    These would be great for an upcoming party! I love that it includes dishes to match the season. I could get a lot if use out if those!

  13. Barbara Stenby says

    My Cherry Jello Brain w/ tumors (stick whipped cream can nozzle into jello & spray) also put gummy worms in before the jello is poured in.

  14. says

    I would use this kit to help my husband’s aunt and uncle make their annual Halloween bonfire even more spectacular! A brain-shaped Jello mold is hard to beat.

  15. Michelle says

    We are trying to decide if we want to trick or treat this year or have a party for the kids. I would use this kit to have a great party with so many cool things, the kids would really enjoy the mold!

  16. Katie Arnold says

    Halloween is my favorite!!! I think i would have to make those halloween oreos into cookies and cream cupcakes!!

  17. Ashley says

    I would use the Halloween Oreos to make some spooky Oreo pops, and make a fruit filled Jell-O brain mold! It all looks so great!

  18. Karla G says

    Love the brain mold. I saw Alton Brown do that on one of his halloween specials. Would love re-create something similar with my son!

  19. Armindy says

    Much like the posts above me, I’d love to experiment with some of those marshmallow flavors with some rice krispie treats. :)

  20. Sallie says

    My best friend’s daughter is having a Halloween themed birthday party this year – the brain mold would be an amazing addition!!!!

  21. Sarah L says

    I usually don’t do much for Halloween, but this looks fun and I’m interested in making some spooky treats this year. I love the idea of the Jello brains and the pumpkin spice marshmallows in Rice Krispie treats or s’mores.

  22. gina says

    omg I love it all! I don’t even know where to begin! The jello jiggler molds would be so much fun for my 15 month old! She loves jello, and I would love to make her some cute shaped ones!

  23. Lauren says

    Since my cousin is going to be 12 and his birthday is October 29, I would make a cake for him with the brain jello mold!

  24. Jacqui says

    If I won I would totally make this cake right away!! It is so awesome and perfect for a Halloween party. Love it!

  25. BethD says

    I’d definitely make Jello-O Jigglers and smores with the pumpkin marshmallows. Love the brain cake you made!

  26. Izzy says

    If you add some heavy cream to the jello (reducing the amount of hot water or adding plain non flavored jello so it still sets up) you’d get a more fleshy look! also in a trick book I read you could add a baggy of fake blood or slime so it oozes when you cut in bwahahaha.

  27. Trudi says

    this is a great giveaway! The new Philadelphia Indulgence sounds yummy! I would use it as a filling in cupcakes.

  28. Melissa says

    Pumpkin Spice Marshmallows for my husband, Jumbo Pumpkin for me and Ghost Marshmallows for my 4 year old = one very happy family!

  29. says

    That Brain jello cake is AMAZING!! I want to make one! And I am IN LOVE with the halloween picture behind the cake! (the one with the chevron!) where did you get it??

  30. Tanya K. Moyer says

    I would love to use the Jell-O to make Jell-O cookies. They are a really soft sugar cookie with the slight sweet taste from whicheve jello flavor you use. I saw the recipe on pinterest and LOVE it. My girls love to make them, too, because the dough smells amazing and it is so fun to play with!!! Great giveaway!!! Thanks!!!

  31. sarah reyna says

    totally awsome for a Halloween Party Kit! i would make oreos dipped in chocolate, Marshmallow pops, jello cake and shapes for the kids and some cheesy potatoes for dinner! so many ideas for my party.

  32. Chris says

    I’d make the marshmallow treats with the marshmallows. I’d come up with something else after looking at all the goodies. Fun giveaway!

  33. Alison says

    I’m making Oreo Pops and Jigglers for my daughter. This is the first year she’s excited about Halloween and creating in the kitchen with me!

  34. Portia says

    I’ve made the small Halloween jigglers before and the kids loved them! The brain mold is one I haven’t tried but would LOVE to 😉 I think the Oreo pops are AWESOME but I’m afraid I would eat most of them instead of giving them away!!!

  35. Joey C. says

    Well, my answer is very unoriginal… I have five nephews and I would totally make a couple of gross Jello-Brains for them. I would coat my strawberry Jello-O brain with vanilla pudding to add some effect & make it more flesh colored than bright red. They would totally get a kick out of it.

  36. Kristen DD says

    I would want to make some of those amazing halloween oreo pops you posted! I am having a fall fest party on the 20th so i would use it for that!!

  37. says

    Well, if I’m being honest, I would just straight up eat those Oreo’s and the cheesy potato dishes as is. 😉 But, I would love to try attempting that brain cake. It’s one of the coolest Halloween cakes I’ve seen! Then I’d bring the marshmallows with me to my post-Halloween-girl’s cabin trip so that we could drop them in some adult hot chocolate/coffee or roast them over a bonfire and try them out as smores. Mmmm!

  38. Leslie says

    Chocolate covered Oreos, of course! Maybe some Oreo truffles, although you probably wouldn’t be able to distinguish the orange creme. Halloween JELLO SHOTS! Hello!

  39. Helene Landry says

    I LOVE halloween baking, I would use the oreos for brownie covered halloween oreos, the brain mold to try that brain cake, as well as a ice cube tray and make a brain punch!

  40. says

    Love this give away!! That brain cake would be perfect for my halloween blog post!! It would be amazing to win this and get some more recognition to my new blog!! Thanks so much for sharing!

  41. Catherine O says

    Those jell-o molds would be so fun this Halloween! And au gratin potatoes are one of my hubby’s favorites, they’d be a great dinner side this fall!

  42. Carey says

    I would make a halloween party with all this! i would make ice out of the brain mold and put it in the punch. and make krispies with the pumpkin marshmallows and dip the oreos in chocolate and decorate! i love to have a halloween party with my family!!!!

  43. says

    I love all the ideas and especially the BLING STICKS for the Cake Pops! WOW…I am in SPARKLE HEAVEN!!! The more BLING…the better!!! 0:D I would love to win the set of these! 0:D

  44. Maria B says

    I would love to try making that brain cake and also make some fun chocolate dipped Halloween Oreos covered in cute sprinkles.

    Thank you!

  45. Dana Lenzo says

    I love the brain!!! I think that would be pretty cool to serve at a teen Halloween party. I like the sensory rich party games so some overcooked pasta and peeled grapes in a bowl of egg whites. Maybe serve those Salted Caramel Cake pops and use the Oreos to make a crust for a caramel cheesecake. :)

  46. Brittany says

    These goodies would be perfect for my sister’s Halloween party!, I would deff make a brain cake and probably some spooky oreo cupcakes, and some candy corn sugar cookies, some witch fingers, carmel apples, and more! I would make some cheesy potatoes as a side for dinner on Halloween for when the kids com back from trick or treating they can put something warm in their belly!

  47. Carly says

    This would be awesome… oreos to make oreo truffles, cream cheese to whip up some flavored cream cheese frosting… the possibilities would be endless! =]

  48. Carla W. says

    Wow! Where do I start? I love to make dipped marshmallows on a stick and Oreos in a mold or decorated on a stick. The possibilites are endless! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  49. Krystal says

    I am thinking of making a skull molded cake and the brain mold would be awesome for that. The marshmellows are also cool to make Frankenstein cupcakes. There so much that can be done with all this stuff. This will be my first year throwing a Halloween party since its a first for my only baby niece Davanee:)

  50. joanna messer says

    This would be awesome!! I would love to experiment with it all. We have a craft sale every year with homemade baked goods. Lots of halloween candy homemade this would be awesome.

  51. Beki G says

    I would use the brain mold for rice krispie treats that I will cover in fondant and make a cake with it. I also really want the Rachel Ray dish to serve a Thanksgiving side dish.

  52. Brenda says

    Loves the cake you made in the picture. I would love to win this as I am doing popcorn balls with marsmellows and cookies for my nieces boys. It will be about 60 kids from school and there baseball teams. I think it will be fun. Thanks for offering these great gifts.

  53. Brenda says

    Love the cake you made in the picture. I would love to win this as I am doing popcorn balls with marsmellows and cookies for my nieces boys. It will be about 60 kids from school and there baseball teams. I think it will be fun. Thanks for offering these great gifts.

  54. Ellen M. says

    I’d dip the Oreos in chocolate or orange candy coating and put Halloween sprinkles on top, or make chocolate-dipped Oreo pops!

  55. Kristin Krugh says

    The brain cake looks amazing! That would be an awesome addition to my daughter’s Halloween party at school. And the marshmellows wouldn’t last long at our house :)


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