Caramel Magic Cookie Bars

Caramel Magic Cookies Bars

There are a lot of things I love about the holidays.  The family time, the decorations, the lights, the sounds, the foods and the traditions.  Baking is one of my favorite holiday traditions, creating delicious sweets and treats to share with family and friends.  Out of all the baking that I do, I have one recipe that I look forward to more than all of the rest.  Hello magic cookie bars! Magic cookie bars are a long time favorite in my family.  My mom used to make them for my brother and … [Click To Read More...]

Gift Ideas And Gift Guides

Gift Guides And Gift Ideas

Let's talk holiday gifts!  Gifts for kids, gifts for teens, gifts for guys and gifts for teachers.  And maybe some gifts for YOU! So how are you doing on your holiday shopping?  Are you one of those people who is already done or are you wrapping it up, literally and figuratively, around 11:55pm on December 245h?  I have picked up a few items (mainly things that have popped on Zulily and a few from Amazon), but I still have a LOT to buy.  We are moving two weeks before Christmas, so I … [Click To Read More...]

Kindergarten Thanksgiving Feast

Sweet This Week

Years ago I would do a weekly post that I called, "Sweet This Week".  It was just a wrap up of the week, with some photos, some personal stuff and other things around the web that I came across and wanted to share.  For whatever reason I quit doing those posts.  I think I felt like I just needed to post recipe, recipe, recipe.  And there is nothing wrong with that. But when my friend Joan of Chocolate Chocolate And More passed away very unexpectedly last month, I gave a lot of thought to her … [Click To Read More...]


Sugar Cookie Chex Mix

Sugar Cookie Chex Mix

If there is one thing I love more than holiday baked goods and snacks, it's quick and easy holiday baked goods and snacks.  Goodness knows we all have our hands full during … [Click To Read More...]

Pecan Pie Recipe

Pecan Pie

With Thanksgiving just weeks away, it's time to get your pie game plan ready.  For me the must have pies for Thanksgiving have always been pumpkin pie and pecan pie.  Must … [Click To Read More...]

Pie Recipes For The Holidays

10 Perfect Pie Recipes

For some reason, most of my life I wasn't much of a pie fan.  Well, maybe that's not the way to put it, pies were just not high on my dessert priority list, to make or eat.  … [Click To Read More...]

Easy Halloween Cookies

Easy Halloween Cookies

My family always loves Halloween. I have such great memories of Halloween growing up, it was always a fun time spent with family and friends, but it lacked the normal business … [Click To Read More...]

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