Katherine Sabbath inspired crazy chocolate bark

Chocolate Bark Inspired By Katherine Sabbath

A while ago I came across a super talented baker, Katherine Sabbath.  She's in Australia, and makes the most amazing, whimsical, playful and FUN cakes and creations I've ever seen.  My daughter and I love to check out her pictures on Instagram, so when my daughter asked if I could make her a "fun" cake for her 12th birthday, I knew immediately I wanted to try to recreate a little of Katherine's magic. Seriously, how FUN is this chocolate bark?  I LOVE fun, happy, bright colors, and this is … [Click To Read More...]

Baking With Your Kids

Tips For Baking With Kids

When you bake as often as I do, and have kids, it's pretty common to get asked about baking with kids. While I don't bake with my kiddos as often as some might think, when developing a recipe, you really don't want an extra 5 tablespoons of baking powder dumped in by your assistant! I do bake with my kids, and have some tips to share on getting into the kitchen with your kids for learning, fun and quality time together. Both of my girls love to help out in the kitchen, and I think that … [Click To Read More...]

Oatmeal Packet Pancakes

Oatmeal Packet Pancakes

One of my all time favorite things to have for breakfast is pancakes.  Pancakes are such a delicious way to start the day, and you can really customize them with mix-ins and toppings.   A nice stack of fresh, hot pancakes are pretty darn perfect if you ask me. I could probably eat pancakes every day, but it always seems like something I feel like I need to save for the weekends, when I have more time.   Well, that's about to change as I just discovered how to make a perfect single serving … [Click To Read More...]


Breakfast Pizza Recipe

Breakfast Pizza

I love breakfast.  Morning, noon or night, breakfast is always a good idea in my book.  When I've had a busy day (and maybe haven't planned for dinner), breakfast for dinner … [Click To Read More...]

Popcorn Shrimp Alfredo

Easy Shrimp Alfredo

I've never hidden the fact that while I love to bake, cooking can be a different story.  Meal planning and dinners have always been a bit of a challenge for me.  I am always … [Click To Read More...]

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