Hot Cocoa Cookies

Hot Chocolate Cookies

I'm sharing one of my all time favorite cookies with you today, my hot chocolate cookies.   When I first made these, I thought adding hot cocoa mix to a cookie would make it taste good, but I didn't quite expect for them to be SO delicious.   It was a lovely surprise. These cookies are incredible.  The flavor that the hot cocoa contributes is pretty amazing, they do not taste like "another chocolate cookie" if you will, they taste like a cup of hot chocolate.  In a cookie.   Since I first … [Click To Read More...]

Soft And Chewy Snickerdoodles

Soft And Chewy Snickerdoodles

Snickerdoodles.  Those delicious, yet simple, cookies.  And in my opinion the best type of snickerdoodles are soft and chewy snickerdoodles. I manged to live most of my life without ever having tried a snickerdoodle.  Crazy really.  It was only a few years ago when I tried to find a snickerdoodle at Disneyland for a friend, and they didn't have any, that I made, and tasted, my first snickerdoodles.   I always passed up snickerdoodles for cookies with "stuff" in them, but there is … [Click To Read More...]

Christmas Cookie Recipes

Christmas Cookie Recipes – Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Cookies

Happy Monday!   I spent my weekend baking cookies. A lot of cookies.  Christmas cookies!   Yes, it's early, but some of those cookies are being shipped off to friends and the rest are tucked into my freezer.   Bring on the holiday cookie recipes!  These Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Cookies, oh my - these might be one of the BEST cookies I make, and I don't say that lightly! Seriously, I made a lot of cookies this weekend!  Take a look... Thankfully, drop cookies freeze pretty … [Click To Read More...]


Biscoff Blossom Cookies

Biscoff Cookies Recipe

Let's talk Biscoff, also known as cookie butter.   Let that sink in a moment.  COOKIE BUTTER.  That's like something that exists only in dreams.  But, as many of you probably … [Click To Read More...]

Love From The Oven's Saturday Stuff

Saturday Stuff

Whoa, you blink and it's the middle of November?  Odd, because Halloween was totally like two days ago.   So let's catch up with a little Saturday Stuff.  Recipes, cookies, … [Click To Read More...]

Eggnog Pie Recipe

Easy Eggnog Pie

My husband loves eggnog.  Or "nog" as he usually refers to it as.  I am pretty sure it's why I can get him to do the grocery shopping easily in late fall, because he's … [Click To Read More...]

Gingerbread Bars

Gingerbread Bars

Let's talk gingerbread, shall we?  It's not exactly on my top ten (or 20) list of desserts.  If I'm at a holiday party and there are multiple desserts, gingerbread isn't … [Click To Read More...]

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