Chocolate Covered Marshmallows & Rice Krispy Treats

Let’s dip more things in chocolate!   Today it’s chocolate covered marshmallows and chocolate covered rice krispy treats.  YUM!

This morning I started making cake pops for my daughter to take to her dance studio to celebrate her birthday, and one of her friends happens to have a gluten allergy.  So I needed a gluten free alternative to cake pops, and two great options are marshmallows and rice krispy treats.    Both can be dipped in chocolate and put on a stick, making them just as fun as a cake pop.  And both are EASY!   Here’s a step by step how to make chocolate covered marshmallows & rice krispy treats.

Next I set up my “dipping” station…

I like to dip the sticks into the chocolate, than into the marshmallow, and than let them set up prior to dipping the entire marshmallow in chocolate…

And now into the chocolate we go…

For the rice krispy treat, I simply spread the chocolate on the top with a spoon….

A rep from OSHA dropped by to make sure my kitchen was safe…

She is so darn yummy I’m tempted to dip her in chocolate.

Time for sprinkles!  But really, when isn’t it time for sprinkles????

I had no idea that the most recent container of pink sanding sugar I purchased had a glitter effect to it.  It’s almost like edible fairy dust.  Love it!

While it’s hard to tell from the photo, one is sprinkle, one is the pink sanding sugar and one is the actual edible glitter.  I think I like the glittery sugar better than the edible glitter.

My almost eight year old approves.

How could you not approve?  So stinking cute!

Whatever will I do next week when Valentine’s Day is over and I have to cut back on all the pink???


Easy No Bake Valentine Desserts And Treats


  1. says

    What a great idea – they are all so pretty, and perfect for a girl’s birthday! I’m wondering what I’ll do next week when I have to stop with the Valentine’s Day recipes… I’ve made far too many of them… but I don’t care, it’s so fun!

    I’m not sure about the American Rice Krispies, but I know the Canadian ones have Barley malt + Kelloggs doesn’t have cross contamination standards, which makes them not gluten free. Just wanted to give the heads up, just in case. Great recipe though!!

    • says

      Thanks Leanne. Yes, I think I’m going a bit overboard on the Valentine’s, but they are so fun and so cute.

      Interesting on the difference b/w American and Canadian Rice Krispies. We have three good friends who either have Celiac’s or gluten allergies, and that’s one of the foods they are “okay” with, but I know it’s kind of a sliding scale. My daughter is a nut allergy and I have my okay foods and not okay foods that fall on the “made in a plant…” type of thing. Ah the fun of food allergies!

  2. says

    What wonderful photos you have!! I’m not really a krispie treat fan, but even I want to grab one of those with the sprinkles. Love the shot of your daughter with the marshmallow in a stick, oh how my daughter would love that! Both of my kids frequently request krispie treats and we have done peanut butter and nutella, but never something like this. Maybe as a Valentine treat this weekend! Nicely done…

  3. Mellie says

    I just came across this site while searching for pink chocolate covered marshmallows. These are so perfect! And I can only imagine delicious. I’m hoping to make these for my princess’s birthday party in a few weeks. Any thoughts on how far in advance I can make them and best way to store?
    LOVE your blog, btw…

    • says

      Mellie – glad you like them. I think you are okay making these up to three days in advance. I usually store mine in either a ziplock or a rubbermaid type container. They are pretty quick to make – that’s a big plus using the marshmallows, just open the bag and go. Good luck, let me know how it goes!

  4. Nellie says

    Probably a silly question but do marshmellows harden in the fridge? I would assume you would have to store them in the fridge, otherwise the chocholate would melt. Thanks and great site :) :)

    • says

      Nellie – I use the chocolate melts or almond bark, which sets back up into a solid after it cools, so you can keep it at room temp. It’s a great product, and you can usually find some variation from it at Walmart or Target in the baking isle.

  5. Laci says

    I am planning to make these for my daughter’s first birthday party but I need to know how to make the pink chocolate and how much chocolate and sanding sugar I will need. Can you give me and idea? I am not sure how many I am making yet but if you can give me an idea on how to make 10 or even 20 that would be great. I am ordering the sanding sugar from a candy website so I am hesitant to order it until I know how much I need!

  6. Leanne says

    When you are coating them with the chocolate, do you keep warming up the chocolate and do you let it sit before you put sprinkles on? Also do you dip the chocolate coated marshmallow in sprinkles or pour over top?

  7. Nadiya says

    So cute, my daughters birthday is coming and I want to make some on these. How is the pink covering on the rice crispy made? Can anyone help me out?

  8. Latasha Drain says

    Once I dip the marshmallow or Oreos do I lie them down on the paper or stand them up in something ? Getting so EXCITED about my ill mans FIRST BDAY!!!!!

  9. rosa says

    hi! my daughter’s first birthday is coming and i want to these marshmallos pops but the week of the party i’m gonna be to be busy that i needto them in advance.Can you tell how many days in advance can i do them, so they stay fresh?can i d them a week before?

    • says

      Rosa, I don’t think I’d feel too comfortable with a week. I’d maybe say 2-3 days. They really are one of the quickest and easiest pops to make, depending on how many you need, you can probably whip them up in less than an hour easily.

    • says

      Hi Annie, thank you for the heads up – my readers are so awesome, you guys always have my back! I don’t see any of my photos (might have been taken down). They can use the ideas, but if the images are there, that is a copyright violation. It’s just sad, I wish people know how easily they could make these themselves! Thank you again so much. :)

  10. says

    Just came across this and love it! My daughter and some friends have food allergies as well and I love that you are considerate of your daughter’s friend. And they are so cute! I plan on doing something similar this weekend but after seeing yours I must add glitter! Thanks!


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