How To Make No Bake Cakepops With My Little Cupcake Cake Pop Molds – Tips, Tricks & Resources

A really fun and easy way to make cake pops – without turning on your oven, is with the My Little Cupcake No-Bake Cake Pop Mold.  I’m going to share my thoughts, tips and tricks for using this, as well as some other great resources and advice you can find online for making cake pops this way.

I have the cupcake shape mold, and it truly makes some of the cutest cake pops ever.   I tried to make cupcake cake pops the way that Bakerella does, and let’s just say I totally failed.  Like epic failure here people – as in you just had to laugh it was so bad.  Well, that and eat the evidence.

So when I first saw this mold, for less than $6, I figured I had nothing to lose by trying it, it was inexpensive and would take up no room in my kitchen.   And it worked, wonderfully.   YAY!!!   My Little Cupcake truly had a brilliant idea with this product.

And as if making super cute cupcake pops easily isn’t good enough – can you say NO BAKE?   The main recipe used with this is an Oreo and cream cheese combo.   I first had this combo, also known as an Oreo Truffle, at a Pampered Chef party.  It was so mind blowingly delicious that I considered crashing Pampered Chef parties in hopes of finding Oreo Truffles.

Here is my detailed post about how to make these cute little cupcake pops.

I’ve also made Halloween Cupcake Pops… 

Pink Ribbon Cupcake Pops for a Breast Cancer Fundraiser…

Instead of using Oreos, I used gingerbread cookies and made gingerbread cupcake pops

My Little Cupcake offers a variety of super cute molds in addition to the cupcake.

My Little Cupcake has a GREAT video to show you how easy it is to make these…

You certainly aren’t limited to using Oreos in these.   While the Oreo Truffle is crazy yummy (as are the results when you use the flavored Oreos such as peppermint, vanilla or peanut butter), you have more options!  My gingerbread cookie pops turned out great.  My Little Cupcake has recipes for Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cake PopsCoconut Fudge No Bake Cake Pops, and even a raw, vegan, gluten free cake pop on their site, as well as all kinds of adorable decorating ideas.

Here are some great resources for learning more about how to use the My Little Cupcake Cake Pop Molds and the great things you can whip up…

The My Little Cupcake Blog

My Little Cupcake’s Tips, Tricks & Troubleshooting

My Little Cupcake Cake Pop Molds Review at Measuring Flower

My Little Cupcake Cake Pop Molds at Shane’s Killer Cupcakes

My Little Cupcake Variety Cake Pop Mold Assortment Review at Mommy Ramblings

Make sure to check out this post for more tips, tricks, advice on resources on dipping your cake pops into chocolate and decorating them.


  1. Angela says

    Hi Christi, thanks for the heads up !! I love that they deliver worldwide too!! I have a question though, I read the tips page and I understand that we have to CHILL (the dough) LOL, through the whole process, but it doesn’t say after packaging or while being delivered or given to be used, what they have to be, will they still be ok if they are not going to be in the fridge for a few hours? Thanks for your time !!

  2. Elizabeth L in Apex, NC says

    Okay, these are cute and look yummy and all of that good stuff. But that video is the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen! The little boy stealing an oreo truffle and sneaking was awesome. What a sales job those kids did!

  3. Julie says

    Do these need to be refrigerated all the time? Are they something you can make and then ship somewhere (without using dry ice)? Thanks for any information.


    • says

      Julie, I personally keep these cake pops in the fridge, as they do contain cream cheese. For shipping, I’d probably go the traditional cake pop route or use the Babycakes Cake Pop Maker.

  4. Mrs Debi J. Jenkins says

    What a fantastic video you kids made. I love it so much I will be ordering some of your molds for my Grand babies birthday party!! Good Job Kids!

  5. Belinda Navarro Armas says

    Where I can buy My little cup cake, cake pops molds in Los Angeles California.
    Thank you

  6. Hina says

    how long do they last fresh in the fridge?my daughters 1st bday is on sept 7..can i make them beforehand and refrigerate it?


  1. […] Once my cupcakes were baked and co0led, it was time to create the cake pops.  Each color cupcake was mixed in a bowl with a spoonful of frosting, creating seven balls of cake pop dough.    I love using the cupcake mold from My Little Cupcake, so I decided to go with cupcake shaped cake pops instead of round.   I took a pinch of each color of the cake pop mixture, put them together and then squeezed them into the mold to create the cupcake pops (check out this post for more on how I make cupcake pops). […]

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