Halloween Graham Sandwiches With McCormick
A Sweet No Bake Treat To Make With The Kids

The folks at McCormick recently invited me to be a part of their Spooky Squad and asked me to share some fun Halloween recipes, tips and ideas (as well as offer you a great giveaway – head to this post to enter!).   I loved the Black Velvet Whoopie Pies that they shared on their site, but as a busy mom who never has enough hours in the day, I wanted to see if I could come up with a no bake alternative.

I found a way to create a similar treat with my daughter but spend most of the time decorating and having fun with her, instead of baking.   No Bake Frosting Sandwiches.   As much as I love baking almost anything I can from scratch, sometimes it’s great to spend a few minutes less doing the baking and a few more minutes making memories.

My mom often made frosting sandwiches with graham crackers whenever we had leftover frosting (and stored them in the fridge).   Though these were always the treat made with “what was left”, they really are pretty yummy in their own right.

Last year my daughter and I worked on some treats using McCormick’s products for Halloween, so it was fun to do the same again this year.  My daughter had so much fun getting really creative with the frosting we made using the Neon Colors from McCormick, sprinkles and some Halloween sugar decorations.   So simple, yet an enjoyable and delicious dessert.

While I stuck to straight forward sandwiches and sprinkles, simply frosting on graham cracker, adding sprinkles around the edges and then topping with another graham cracker…

My however daughter brought all kinds of creative ideas to her treats…

We used boxed chocolate graham crackers and ready made frosting, which on their own aren’t terribly exciting.  But the McCormick Neon Food Color set, along with their red and yellow (to make orange) really brought these treats to life.  Add in some sprinkles and Halloween sugar decorations, and let the kids create and have fun.   This is a really great project for those times when you want to sit down and spend some quality time doing in the kitchen with the kids, but don’t have the time to bake up something from scratch.

Check out more great Halloween ideas from McCormick on both their website and on their Monster Mash Of Color And Flavor Pinterest Board.   Also make sure to check out the Candy Corn Cake Pop Cupcakes I made using McCormick’s recipe and enter to win your own Spooky Squad Halloween Kit.

Also make sure to check out the fun orange velvet cupcakes we made last year.



  1. Jodie says

    Those graham crackers are sure cute!!! What I love is when you put them in a sealed container, the graham cracker turns soft…that makes them even better! :) One question though…where ON EARTH did you find the chocolate graham crackers?!?!? I used to make them with vanilla frosting until about 3 years ago when I couldn’t find chocolate graham crackers in stores anymore. Every time I go down the isle the graham crackers are on, I always look, but they only have the honey and cinnamon ones…no more chocolate! :( (Also, what brand did you use? Maybe I could do a product search or call the company directly to ask where they sell them in my city…) Thanks for your help! Jodie

    • says

      Jodie, I can’t recall but it would have been either Walmart, Target or Safeway. I actually grabbed them to make s’mores on vacation and it was an I saw them (versus I was looking for them) type of thing. I’ll have to pay attention the next time I’m at the store. I would definitely talk to your grocery manager and see if they can order them for you!

  2. says

    How great to be able to participate this year too. I just headed back to last years post to see what it was all about. Your daughter is so very creative and loving all her designs and ideas. The graham sandwiches look so yummy too.

  3. Samara Elise says

    These are awesome! I bet you could use dyed marshmallow cream and they could be more like s’mores. I love it.

  4. Jodie says

    Hi Christi! Thanks for helping me to find the graham crackers…I called everywhere and no one had them, and unfortunately no one seemed interested in ordering them for me, but one store that I called, (Smiths Food & Drug) said they didn’t have the Honey Maid brand, but had their store brand (Kroger) chocolate graham crackers, so I went & got them this weekend and I plan on making these sometime this week! :) Thanks so much!


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