Breaking Bad Cupcakes

I know I am not the only one taking a deep breath and getting ready to watch the next to the last episode of Breaking Bad tonight.   My brother and his wife are in town, and they happen to both be Breaking Bad fans AND high school science teachers (no, really, they both are!).    I thought we needed a fitting dessert.   Breaking Bad Cupcakes.  Complete with blue rock candy.

Breaking Bad Cupcakes

You can almost hear “Crystal Blue Persuasion” playing.     Now let’s go ahead with the disclosure.  I’m not a violence fan, I don’t even like to have the news on because I think it’s too violent and graphic.  I’m obviously not a drug fan.  Heck, I’m not even a tv fan, but boy, this series, the acting, writing and directing –  it is mind blowing, like nothing I have ever seen.    If you aren’t a fan of the show, I totally respect that, and ask that you respect that others might be.   Think of these simply as blue candy cupcakes.   These cupcakes would be super cute in any color.    I even made an alternate non Breaking Bad cupcake for you – see!

Halloween Cupcakes

Truth be told, I really never watch television, I’m too busy multitasking non-stop to ever just sit down and do one thing, such as watching tv.   But when my friend insisted last summer that I would like this show, I told her I’d give it a shot (as dumb as the premise sounded).   And next thing you know my husband and I watched four seasons in about a month.   And here we are, watching the final episodes with so many other Breaking Bad fans.    And it’s so crazy intense, that we need a little something to lighten it up.

Blue Cupcakes for Breaking Bad

These cupcake were quick and easy to whip up.  You can use your favorite recipes or a box mix, it doesn’t matter.  You are just throwing together a fun way of decorating them.  So to make these I simply whipped up some vanilla cupcakes.   I made these in my Drommar Muffin Tin from Ikea that makes for a taller slimmer cupcake, but you can make them in any tin.   I whipped up some simple vanilla frosting and then it all comes down to the decorating.   As I’ve stated a few times, I’m not trained in any forms of decorating cakes or cupcakes, I just kind of wing it and figure it out for myself.    Here’s how I decorated these.  I started with a ring of frosting that I then rolled into blue sanding sugar

How To Make Breaking Bad Cupcakes

Blue Cupcakes Breaking Bad Themed

Blue Sugar Cupcakes

I then added more frosting, and sprinkled on some Wilton Blue Sugar Gems.

Blue Rock Candy Sugar Gems From Wilton

That’s all there is to it.  Quick and easy.

Breaking Bad Party Dessert

So whip up some blue cupcakes for Breaking Bad if you are so inclined.  Or just whip up some fun cupcakes for any reason.

Halloween Cupcakes

Want some other fun Breaking Bad dessert and food ideas?  There are a lot of awesome ones out there.

Breaking Bad Party Ideas and Desserts

Check out what other people have cooked up (sorry, the puns are too easy!).

Breaking Bad Cake Batter Truffles from Kailey’s Kitchen

Breaking Bad Dessert Truffles

Breaking Bad Cupcakes and free Los Pollos Hermanos Printable from Semi Sweet Designs

Breaking Bad Los Pollos Hermanos Free Printable
The most amazing Breaking Bad Cookies from Semi Sweet Designs

Breaking Bad CookiesBreaking Bad Blue Rock Candy by Sugar Hero

Breaking Bad Rock Candy RecipeBlue Sky Cupcakes By With Sprinkles On Top

Breaking Bad Blue Sky Cupcakes

Breaking Bad Walter White Cupcakes from Not Your Momma’s Cookie

Breaking Bad CupcakesBreaking Bad Cake from 17 And Baking

Breaking Bad CakeBreaking Bad Style Birthday Party from Milk Bubble Tea

Breaking Bad Style Party

Blue Sangria from Kitchenette

Breaking Bad SangriaBreaking Bad Scientist Rock Candy Lollipops by 1 Fine Cookie

Breaking Bad Rock Candy SuckersBlue Raspberry Pineapple Slush from Bakin Bit

Breaking Bad Drinks

Breaking Bad Bear Cake from Redditor hollyicing

Breaking Bad Bear Cake

Breaking Bad Walter-Ritas from Almost Makes Perfect

Breaking Bad MargaritasRebel Donut’s whipped up some Blue Sky Donuts.
Jesse, aka that amazing Arron Paul, seems to approve.

Breaking Bad Donuts with Aaron Paul - JesseGet ready, tonight’s episode is going to be intense, I think we all know that for sure.


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    My husband convinced my to watch breaking bad, so we started it (him for the second time) in like july and quickly watched all the episodes to be caught up and I can’t believe there is only 1 week left. I can’t wait to see what happens next week. Also these cupcakes and all the other breaking bad ideas are so cute and look delicious!

  2. says

    I love that you got a photo of Aaron with some of the famous blue sky rebel donuts! I live in ABQ, and it was great to see some local love! The Breaking Bad tribute products here are amazing! Beside Rebel Donut, there is Olo’s frozen yogurt (they were featured in an episode in season 4.) Olo’s has a blue sky frozen yogurt! Also several local breweries have created new drafts (I haven’t tried them because I don’t drink, but they have clever names, like Walt’s White Lie.)

  3. says

    These are pretty dang awesome! I love Breaking Bad, but I watch it on Netflix, so I’ve been desperately trying to avoid spoilers for this season. I can’t wait to see the latest episodes. Watching someone’s descent into evil is so grossly fascinating. I need a cupcake to make me feel better.


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