Easter Peeps Pops

I love when a you can whip up a sweet treat quickly and easily, with very few ingredients, and it is not only simple, but it is also super cute.  These Easter Peeps Pops totally fit that bill!   Adorable!

Easter Peeps Pops

Ahh, how cute are these darn Peeps Pops?  I’m totally in love with them!

Peeps Pops

Seriously, keeping it simple with these ones.  First I placed my Marshmallow Peeps Bunnies onto paper straws.  Next, I dipped them in white chocolate and then I added a pretty pearly Sixlet to each one, as the perfectly little pearly tail.  Instead of Little Peter Cottontail, we have Little Peter Pearly Tail!

Easy Easter Pops

Easter Peeps Pops

Easter Peeps Pops

Easter Pops


Chocolate Peeps Pops

The white chocolate lets a tiny bit of the PEEPS color show through, as you can see in the above photo.  If you do not want to have any color show through, I would advise giving them a double dip in your white chocolate prior to placing the Shimmer Sixlets onto them.

Easy Easter Peeps Pops

I’ve been whipping up Peeps Pops for years, but these just might be my favorite yet.  Combining the Shimmer Sixlets and fun striped paper straws in matching colors makes this simple treat super cute.    You can see more about how I make my Peeps Pops in this post

How To Make Peeps PopsIt really is super simple.  A standard size bag of white chocolate candy coating will cover about 20-24 of these marshmallow bunnies.

Pretty Peeps Pops

They are super cute even without the chocolate, but the chocolate, sweet straws from Sweets and Treats Boutique and Shimmer Sixlets (check your baking isle at Walmart for these!) tails really take them over the top.

Easter Peeps Pops

Cute, Quick And Easy Easter Bunny Pops by Love From The Oven

Easter Peeps Pops

Easter Peeps Pops


  • 1 Package White Chocolate Candy Coating (such as Candiquik or Wilton Metls)
  • 20 Easter Peeps Bunnies
  • 20 Shimmer Sixlets
  • 20 Paper Party Straws


Prepare white chocolate candy coating according to package directions. Place each PEEPS Bunny onto a party straw by sliding the Peep onto the end of the straw. One at a time, dip PEEPS on straws into white chocolate candy coating, then place on a baking sheet covered with wax paper. Immediately place a Shimmer Sixlet onto the white chocolate coating where a tail would be. Repeat with remaining ingredients. Let set up for at least one hour or until candy coating is dry to the touch.


Little Peter Pearly Tails | Love From The Oven (28 of 30)

Easy Chocolate Covered Peeps Bunny Pops With Pearly Tails

Easy Easter Bunny Pops

Simply adore these colors, and the shimmer on the Sixlets?   So pearly and pretty!

Little Peter Pearly Tail Peeps Pops by Love From The Oven

Easy Easter Treats

Easy Easter Bunny Pops

Product Used:

Marshmallow PEEPS | Sweets & Treats Boutique Straws
Celebration Sixlets | White Chocolate Candy Coating

If you love PEEPS make sure to check out my amazing recipe round up packed full of all of the best PEEPS sweets and treats recipes on the web!

All of the best Peeps recipes and sweet treat ideas on the web, such an awesome collection of fun ideas.Enjoy!

Love From The Oven Chocolate Bunny Pops

Pretty Peeps PopsEasy Peeps Pops



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