Babycakes Flip-Over Cake Pop Maker Review

I’ve mentioned a few (or twenty) times on here that I am a big fan of the Babycakes line of of products.  I have a Babycakes Cake Pop Maker, Babycakes Cupcake Maker, Babycakes Pie Pop Maker and Babycakes Donut Maker.   They all do a great job whipping up fun treats and are fabulous when you don’t want to heat up the entire kitchen (which is half the year here in Phoenix!).    Babycakes just added another great product to their line up,  a new cake pop maker, their Babycakes Flip Over Cake Pop Maker.

The wonderful folks at Babycakes were kind enough to send me one of their new Flip Over Cake Pop Makers to review and are letting me give one to one of the Love From The Oven readers.  Yay!

And not only does the giveaway include the new Flip Over Cake Pop Maker but also some Babycakes Cake Pop Mixes and their AMAZING 175 Best Babycakes CakePop Recipes Cookbook by Kathy Moore & Roxanne Wyss @2011 Robert Rose.  This cookbook is unbelievably great – PACKED full of recipes and advice, and not just cake pops, sweet and savory!.   I can’t begin to tell you how much I love this book, I sat up hours later than planned one night going over all of the recipes.  Highly highly recommend!

Okay, so let’s take a look at this new Flip Over Cake Pop Maker.

The new cake pop maker also includes a batter bottle, cake pop treat sticks, two cake pop cooling and decorating stands and a fork tool.  Let me tell you, I use my Babycakes fork tools ALL the time, they are sort of a secret gem in the kitchen.

The Babycakes Flip Over Cake Pop Maker works a bit like some waffle irons with it’s rotating mechanism.   It makes 12 cake pops or donut holes in minutes, has a great non-stick coating (I’ve never had issues with any of my Babycakes products sticking) and allows you to make perfectly round and perfectly browned cake pops easier than ever before.

I have always found the original Babycakes Cake Pop Maker incredibly easy to use with fabulous results, but the new Flip over model makes it even simpler to get that nice round cake pop shape we are always looking for.

And let’s not forget donut holes!   I LOVE using mine to make donut holes!

The first thing I made with the new Babycakes Flip Over Cake Pop Maker were Pumpkin Ebelskivers, from a recipe found in the cookbook.  I have often been asked if you can make Ebelskivers in the cake pop maker, and truth be told I’d never heard of Ebelskivers (I guess I’ve been living under a chocolate dipped rock), much less tasted them.   Well it turns out the 175 Best Babycakes Cake Pops Recipes includes a whole chapter of Ebelskiver recipes.

I will share the recipe with you in tomorrow’s post as well as tell you more about what you can find in the cookbook.  The Pumpkin Ebelskivers were DELISH and my entire family really enjoyed them.  Not overly sweet, just perfect.

I will be sharing more recipes and treats using the new cake pop maker during the next week, but for now it’s time to let you enter to win your own Babycakes Flip Over Cake Pop Maker, 175 Best Babycakes Cake Pop Recipes Cookbook and three Babycakes Cake Pop Mixes.

This contest is open to US Residents Only.   Use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter.  A winner will be selected at random through Rafflecopter on October 1st.   I am hearing reports of people not seeing the Rafflecopter widget when using Internet Explorer – if you do not see it immediately below this sentence, you might try a different browser and see if it shows up.


a Rafflecopter giveaway
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  1. Katie Arnold says

    This is awesome !! I want one … I love my babycakes treat makers and this would be a great addition i see cheddar bacon corn muffins in ball form in this machine.

  2. Bethany says

    I’ve always wanted to try making cake pops, this would be great! I like the thought of using it for Domitian holes too! :)

  3. Andy says

    I would definitely make chocolate cake pops with chocolate chips, dipped in chocolate, and coated with chocolate sprinkles. Ultimate chocolate!

  4. Crissy Shinn says

    Oh! My! Gosh!! I’d LOVE to win this! It would be the best earilest Christmas Present, EVER!!!! Good Luck to everyone! :)

  5. Natalie S says

    I would love this to make with my daughter! Ive made cake pops where you crumble and cake and add the frosting but haven’t made them with just with cake.

  6. Sallie says

    Definitely something pumpkin – I made pumpkin donuts in my Babycakes donut maker for my husband’s birthday yesterday and I think cake pops are next!!!

  7. Julz says

    Such fun! I would totally love to make the pumpkin recipe shown above! I can’t pronounce the name to save my life but they look yummy! 😉

  8. Kelly M. says

    I would love to win this! I tried making cake pops, which someone told me were the easiest things ever, and it was a disaster. I love to bake but I did not enjoy the first and only attempt at cake balls. It looks so easy with this, and love that they are perfect circles. Thanks for the chance to win:)

  9. Jenn Ellefsen says

    I literally just got the recipe book and have made a few recipes – OMG!! You have to try the Apple Donut Holes and the Buffalo Chicken Wontons!!! Holy Football Sunday Essential Appetizer! YUMMY-NESS!! I cant even tell you how much I love theBaby Cake items and that cookbook has opened my eyes to a whole new side of my baby cake world!!!

  10. Jackie Sutt says

    I would so be making pops for the grandkids, and the neighbor kids, and the kids at the school, hehehehe
    Love the cakepop!

  11. Amanda says

    This would be so fun to have! I’ve wanted to try cake pops for awhile and was thinking I should put it on my Christmas list! It would be awesome to win!

  12. Tammy Brose says

    I’ve always wondered how well these things really work. I’ve seen mixed reviews. I’d make chocolate cakepops first.

  13. Dana Lenzo says

    Fall is around the corner so I would probably use some of my home grown pumpkin and do a pumpkin spice cake with a caramel glaze and then donate the machine to our middle school culinary class so all the kids could learn how much fun baking can be!

  14. Kristen R says

    Definitely in need of one of these! I love cake pops and being able to make them at home with this Babycakes Flip-Over Cake Pop Maker would be awesome!

  15. Kristen R says

    Definitely in need of one of these! I love cake pops and being able to make them at home with this Babycakes Flip-Over Cake Pop Maker would be awesome! I’d probably start off by making fall flavored pops such as apple and/or pumpkin!

  16. Darci W. says

    Another fabulous giveaway! I would be a donut hole makin fool. Those pumpkin ones look delish! And then a chocolate peppermint cake pop combo. With edible glitter.

  17. Dianna A. says

    I would just LOVE to have this! I see endless creative possibilites! I enjoy sweet treats but I really love the idea of making some savory appetizers.

  18. Mrs. Schmid says

    I would love to try doughnut holes first, then I would make some pumpkin pops with some cream cheese frosting to dip in!

  19. Erin says

    I would love to win this giveaway!!!! My son and I love baking together and Im just getting started with my own baking business. We would make donut holes for my little guy and choc peanut butter cake balls for me :)

  20. Melody Gustafson says

    I like to make vanilla cake pops dipped in chocolate! After they have been dipped, I place white pearl sprikles all over. Very cute!

  21. Char says

    I would have to give that cookbook a good look to see what I would make. Something for Halloween, I think. And I’d have to “practice” a lot to find something suitable for the annual Christmas Eve party…..

  22. Joey Sewell says

    I have been wanting to try any of these for a long time but this one is super cool! I would so love yo use this with my sons life skills class. They cook every other Friday and I know they would live this!

  23. Danielle Christine says

    Oh my god ! This is fabulous ! I would def. try the pumpkin ones and Chocolate Cake Pops are my absolute Favorite

  24. Amy L says

    What a give away!!!! WOuld LOVE this!!! I would make pumpin for sure… then chocolate… then something cinnamon… YUMMY!!! Thanks!

  25. says

    I’ve seen these and I have wanted one so badly! I have tried to make cakepops from scratch before and they didn’t work out so well :/ looks like they turn out great with this cakepop maker though. Amazing! :)

  26. Yvette R. says

    I would love to try and make red velvet cake pops! Also lemon, and chocolate, and strawberry!!! I would try as many as I could! They look so delicious!

  27. Laura R says

    Although Pumpkin sounds festive for the holidays, I saw the box of cherry mix in the picture, looks interesting. Definitely good for Halloween and decorate the outside to look like little vampires.

  28. Wendy says

    Ive been wanting one of the baby cake pop makers soooo bad but strict budget wont allow for! I have 3 little boys so would make them all!

  29. Kimberly Barrett says

    I love everything Select brands comes up with, and from the looks of it they have improved their famous Babycakes Cakepop maker. So many possibilities. Would love to have their Cakepop recipe book also. Wonderful giveaway. Thanks. Kim

  30. Linda Stoodley says

    I would make so many different kinds…some with a bit of filling in them like a strawberry or raspberry jelly. ohhhh, some butter pecan ones…maybe some chocolate with a bit of cream cheese filling, ummmmmmm, savory cornbread with a bit of jalapeno in the mix…..

  31. Chelsey says

    Love everything cakepop! I would love to make anything peanut butter and really want to make fun “rattles” for a baby shower I’m going to soon!

  32. Amy Prijatel says

    I would love to make cake pops/ doughnut holes in that AWESOME FLIPER!! Thanks for sharing your product cakepop with ( Love from the oven )& PASSING IT ON!!


  33. Becky says

    Pumpkins; chocolate; citrus oh my!!! With fall in the air here in Wisconsin the thoughts of all yummy desserts made with pumpkin & chocolate fill my thoughts. As a go along with the chocolate lemon; orange; raspberry fit well also this time of year. Cake pops made wth pumpkin or carrot dipped in spiced frosting; chocolate cake pops dipped in orange (or lemon or raspberry) frosting; orange cake pops dipped in white chocolate….the combinations are endless!!!!

  34. Vanessa Padilla says

    I would love to make any flavored cake pops really. Especially, cinnamon cake pops, it would be nice to be able to try it on the Babycakes Cake Pop maker. (:

  35. Sandi says

    I really want this! I think of all the cake pops and treats that I could make for the holidays. I really want to try chocolate strawberry!

  36. Paige Laine says

    Thanks for this post! I haven’t purchased a Cake pop specific machine because I was suspicious that it worked well enough to justify taking up the space. Don’t need one more gadget that I don’t really use! But now I am convinced and would be delighted to win one and give it a try.

  37. barbara n says

    Cake pops are all over the blogs right now and I would love to make some pumpkin ones as a housewarming gift for my new neighbors!

  38. Yvette says

    I would be baking these cake pops every day… I would love to try some autumn flavors like apple/cinnamon, pumpkin and orange spice.

  39. Renee Villanueva says

    This looks so cool. Even if I don’t win I’m going to have to purchase one. Maybe a couple. I know a few women who’d love this!

  40. says

    I would love to have a baby cakes cake pop maker to be able to make cake pops for my daughter’s Bday next month! Also, I love to bake and can’t wait to use it for many, many more things.

  41. says

    My kids, hubby, and I all LOVE chocolate – so I’m sure we’d be making chocolate cake pops with chocolate frosting….and maybe some sprinkles :-)

  42. Emily says

    I would make some pumpkin cake pops and decorate them for my favorite team- the Texas Longhorns- to serve at a game party!

  43. Lisa says

    What an awesome giveaway. I tried making cake pops once with not much success – I think I may need one of these :). I would love to try the Red Velvet although I am fond of pumpkin too.

  44. Nicole Bennett says

    Oh! I want to try donut holes with some kind of preserves inside. And something breakfasty. And we use a lot of freshly-ground whole wheat flour, so I want to see how that works out!

  45. Haylie says

    I would probably make simple brownie pop or something-
    I don’t really know anything about cake pops, since I’ve never made them :)

  46. Debbie says

    Saw your too cute mustache/clown nose cake pops. Darling! (I just made almost 60 crunch chocolate mustaches for my grandson’s 1st birthday a couple days ago) Would love to win the flip cake pop maker. Thanks for the cool give away.

  47. Jody says

    I am a Graphic Designer/Cake Designer who loves to design and decorate for parties.
    I know that the Babycakes flip over cake pop maker would be just what I need
    to make a smooth transition in the planning and time constraints it takes to put on a successful party.
    The uses are endless and can’t wait to fill my head with many ideas.

  48. Serena Pridemore says

    I was asked to make a desert for a wedding in October, when I came across this web page. I would love to make red velvet cake pops covered in Milk and Dark chocolate drizzled in white chocolate and sugar. Not only would it be beautiful but taste great. Next I will get creative and decorate a stand to stick them in!!!! OMG they will be the best desert!!!

  49. Renee Richardson says

    I would love to make red velvet and chocolate. Thanks for the awesome giveaway :)

    fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

  50. Alana F. says

    Wow…this Babycakes looks like fun! I, too, have several and love them all! I normally make chocolate-chocolate chip cake pops, but think I need to make an apple themed pop in honor of fall.

  51. Jody says

    I am new to the baby cakes world. I wanted to get one for my daughter for christmas. do you recommend the purple baby cakes cake pop maker or the pink flip over one?


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