Chocolate Covered Halloween Pretzels

A quick and easy no back sweet and salty treat for you this morning.   Chocolate covered pretzels.   I almost always default to these if I’m bringing a treat somewhere and am short on time.   People are always amazed and think they must be so hard to make when in reality I think they are possibly the easiest item to create!   Let me show you…

Chocolate Covered Pretzel Video Tutorial by Love From The Oven

And like most things, you can change the look so easily just by using different sprinkles, chocolate or sugar toppers.   The process is the same, you just use different color chocolate coatings, sprinkles and sugar decorations.

Pumpkin Pretzels
These mummy pretzels simply have the chocolate coating drizzled on them, versus dipped.

Mummy Pretzels

Skeleton Pretzels

Easy and delicious Halloween Pretzels.  So easy, and you can even watch a video that walks you through it.

To see how I make these, check out my tutorial, complete with a video.    For the supplies I used…


Snyder’s Olde Tyme Pretzels

Sugar Halloween Decorations

Sugar Skull Decorations

Jimmies Sprinkles

Purple Merkens Coating

Halloween Sprinkles

White Chocolate Coating


Easy Halloween Pretzels


  1. AudraG says

    Cutest pretzels ever! Please don’t tell me how simple they are to make. I love sweet and salty. This looks like it will be a fun project to do with the kiddos. :)

  2. Tasha says

    I love chocolate covered pretzels! I am so going to make these and take them to work! Thanks for the great idea! (I do them for Christmas all the time, but I didn’t even think of doing a Halloween spin on it!)

  3. says

    These look fantastic. I’m digging the coloured sprinkles and the decorations. More so, because we don’t get them here in the UK. Those vibrant sequins are awesome.

    I’m so going to have to buy a huge bag of pretzels to try these soon.


  1. […] Can y’all believe it is Halloween already?!? Admittedly, I don’t often get caught up in this holiday – I prefer Thanksgiving and Christmas so much more. Anyway, if I had to choose my favorite spooky treats they’d be chocolate covered and look something like these from Love From the Oven: […]

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