How To Make Oreo Cookie Pops – A Video Tutorial

One thing I make and share often on here are Oreo Cookie Pops…

They are one of my favorite no bake treats, super easy to make and always well received.   When I share them, I usually refer back to an earlier post showing how I made them, and often I get comments about “wait, those aren’t the same”.   The fun thing with these (and so many other treats) is that the process to make them doesn’t change – all that changes is how you decorate them, from your straws/sticks to what kind of chocolate to use to the color of your sprinkles to the sugar decorations you put on them.   To demonstrate that, I made a video for you where I will make five completely different Oreo Cookie Pops at one time.

The process does not change, just the decorative elements do.   I hope this is helpful for some of you – you will see start to finish how I make mine.    And by the way, this isn’t exactly movie making excellence – the two year old is a terrible video director/camera woman and the nine year old is at school – so it’s me, my camera and a small storage tote acting as my camera man.   But, hopefully you can get the point.  :)

As you can see in the video, it doesn’t matter if you are making Valentine’s Cookie Pops, Birthday Cookie Pops or St. Patrick’s Day Cookie Pops – you are doing the same thing with different decorations.  It’s simple, and if there is one thing I want to share with people about baking is just that – it can be simple and fun.  I made Hello Kitty pops – but you could make Star Wars pops or Angry Bird pops – just change the sugar decorations, sprinkles and sticks – that’s all it takes!

I also threw a marshmallow pop in at the end of the video.  That process is really the same as well.  Marshmallow pops are so simple and easy to make.  If you are new to making pops, they are a fantastic “starter” pop if you will.

And because I’m sure some of you might want to know, here are where my supplies come from…

Paper Straws are from Sweets & Treats Boutique

Bling Sticks are from Maskipops By Adri

Sprinkles – check out my post all about where I get my sprinkles

Hello Kitty Sugar Decorations

Shamrock Sugar Decorations

Bunny Sugar Decorations

 Mini Hearts Used on Marshmallow Pops

Candy Writer Pens

For what types of chocolate I use, visit this post for a detailed list.

I can’t find the black and rainbow peace signs and butterfly decorations I used, but I do believe I picked them up at Party City.   :)

I hope the video was helpful!


  1. Jenny Petrovich says

    Love all your fun stuff!! Just curious, I’m starting to dip more and more things in chocolate and I saw that Wilton makes a chocolate warmer. Have you ever tried it or heard anything about it? Thanks!

  2. Susan says

    Lovely pops!
    You always have so many cool decorations and pop-sticks etcetera. We have a lot of baking supplies here in the Netherlands, but you have so much more! Love it!
    Love, Susan.
    P.s: too bad your contests don’t ship here 😉

  3. says

    A great video tutorial – thanks so much for posting it! I’ve made Oreo Pops before, but had the problem of them dropping into the chocolate :\ Am going to try your method next time :)

    So cute – I am so envious of all the great sprinkles and toppings you can buy in the US!

    • says

      Susan, so glad that works well for you! :) I think all of the different sweets and treats have their own little quirks when it comes to working with chocolate and you just have to find the right method that works for you.

  4. amber moody says

    I was just making the pops and putting the sticks in, the cookies we’re brea
    king. Tops and bottoms. What did I do wrong?

    • says

      Amber, two thoughts – either you were applying too much pressure or, and probably more likely, before that package made it to you, it was dropped a time or two. Every now and then I get a package that seems to have hairline cracks that aren’t apparent until I start working with them, then they all start breaking in the same spots. :(

  5. Lenora says

    Just bought my Oreos to make these- do they have to be double stuff? Mine aren’t and some mentioned that they should be!

      • Lenora says

        Thanks! How about storage? How long and where? Making for my daughters baptism and want to make in advance.

        • says

          Lenora, I typically have made mine pretty close to the day that I’m going to serve them, store them in the fridge and serve them chilled. You do just have to be careful for rapid temperature changes after taking them out of the fridge, as that can cause them to expand a bit which can cause cracking in the chocolate, so for example here in Phoenix I’d only take them from the fridge to the table, not outside! :)


  1. […] same, if you want to see how I coat dip my treats in candy coating and then cover them with sugar, check out this post which features a video showing me making cookie pops.   Once your crispy treats are on the sticks, it’s really the same process as shown in the […]

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