Good Moments, Great Days And Pure Leaf Tea

Pure Leaf Teas (12 of 7)

It’s hard to believe so many of you still have snow as it’s sunny and getting downright warm here in Arizona. Our spring can often be short, but beautiful and filled with gorgeous weather that makes everyone want to get outside and enjoy some time in the sun, be it hiking, biking, hitting the park click to read more

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Baking With Your Kids

As a mom to two girls, I know that it’s not just what I say to my girls that matters. I never cease to be amazed at how much children pick up through observation. Everything we do, say to others and say to ourselves, our kids pick up on. It’s so important to me to click to read more

Holiday Stress And Taking A Break

Holiday Stress

Is it just me or is this time of year often full of holiday stress? For the past decade, I have always had jobs that were pretty crazy during the holidays.  For over seven years I ran a jewelry company called Sentimental Silver, and Christmas always meant chaos.   Orders would triple, and since my click to read more

Behind The Blog – A Day In The Life

A Day In The Life-19

Ever wonder just what a blogger does all day?  I’m always curious about what other bloggers do!   Today I’m going to share what a “day in the life” looks like for me.  About once a year I try to document an entire day.   We often focus on taking pictures of the special moments and celebrations, click to read more

Sweet Stuff Saturday – SMART COOKIE Cookbook

A few things from ABC Cake Decorating Supplies!

As some of my regular readers might have noticed, the blog has been a little quiet lately.    Not as many posts and recipes as usual, not as much activity.    There is a reason for this…  I’ve been very busy working on finishing up my first cookbook, SMART COOKIE.   I have been up to my click to read more

Facing 40 – A Personal Post


Life has a crazy way of sneaking up on you.   One day you are getting your driver’s license, the next day you are getting ready to turn 40.  How the heck does that happen???   Is there a time warp machine?  I try to keep this blog focused mainly on sweets and treats, but I also click to read more

Stay Together With Skype

Stay Together at Love From The Oven-2

Today I want to talk to you about staying connected.    Anyone who follows my blog or social media pages probably can tell that family is really important to me.  Glam Media asked me to share a little with you on the role staying connected with loved ones far away plays in my life, and how click to read more

Catching Up

On Fox And Friends With PEEPS

It’s been a crazy few weeks around here.  Well, it’s always crazy, but it’s been super crazy, like things you never expect to happen kind of crazy!  So let’s play catch up on what’s been going on here at Love From The Oven… First, big exciting news, I recently signed with Running Press to write click to read more

Special Needs Parenting – Some Days.


There are days that are good.  There are days that are bad.  And there are some days that are hard.    Today is hard.   I always feel like I need to immediately add a disclaimer – it could be so much worse.  I’ve watched friend’s lose spouses at young ages, children go through cancer, terrible awful click to read more