Pink Velvet Cake Pops

I’m a pretty big fan of all things pink, sparkly and pretty, so of course I love all of the pretty pink goodies that come out for Valentine’s Day.

With a cabinet full of pretty sprinkles calling my name, I figured I would make my favorite Pink Velvet Cake Recipe into cake pops.

Would you like a bite?

I really love this cake recipe, and have also used it to make orange velvet cake.   Just pick your food coloring to add and have fun.   It calls for buttermilk, and I did not have any in the house yesterday.  Thankfully I had just read a post over on Saving For Someday about how to make a buttermilk substitute using milk and vinegar.   Worked like a charm.

For the full pink velvet cake recipe, visit this post where I made pink velvet cupcakes

I have to give a bit of a disclaimer on cake pops.   The “bake a cake and mush with frosting” method (which this is), is probably my least favorite way to make cake pops.   I really prefer to make them with my Babycakes Cake Pop Maker or the My Little Cupcake Cake Pop Mold.  I know that not everyone has those products, and some people prefer the cake + frosting method, so that’s what I’m sharing today.  After you bake your cake, you shred it.  I get a little sad every time I commit this crime against cake…

And then you add your frosting.   I am very unscientific about this, so I can’t give you an exact amount.  I find that every cake and frosting combo is different, so what works for one recipe may not work for another.   I know quite a few people say one can of frosting per cake.   I go by feel – starting with a small scoop of frosting, add more, a little at a time, until I get to the consistency that I want.

And then mush it into this…

And then roll it into little cake balls…

Then I dip the sticks into chocolate and put them into the cake balls, at which point I guess they are officially cake pops…

Then into the freezer.  This helps the chocolate harden, and cooling the cake pops helps the chocolate set up more quickly when you dip them…

I’m no Bakerella (all hail the cake pop Queen – she’s amazing!) when it comes to decorating my cake pops.  She’s amazing.  I just drown mine in sprinkles.  I have another post on how to make cake pops here that you can check out.   They were last year’s Valentine’s cake pops.  :)   But here are a few more pics of these sweet pink velvet treats…

All of my pretty sprinkles come from my very favorite baking supply store, ABC Cake Decorating Supplies.   If you haven’t already, you must check out my photo tour of the store.  It’s like Disneyland for bakers.

Love love love all of the pretty pinks and reds this time of year!  :)

Pink Velvet Cake Pops


  1. says

    I’ve never made cake pops. I’m not a fan of the ‘mush cake with frosting’ and voila, cake pop. I love that they look so pretty, though. And as a pink-lovin’ gal I’m drawn to these beauties.

    And you’re right about ABC Cake Decorating Supplies being the Disneyland for bakers/sweet decorators. I go in and am so overwhelmed by all they have, but I want all kinds of things which I probably have no idea how to use.

    Thank you for mentioning my Buttermilk Substitute. So glad you saw it and were able to make these gems without have to trek to the store. Nothing worse than getting everything ready to make and then having to run to the store for one thing.

  2. Priscilla says

    I have a question, how do you frost them and what do you use to frost them? I attempted to make these for my daughters 4th birthday party. I started off with almond bark ( I couldnt get it to work right) Then I tried Wiltons chocolate and it was to thick and wasnt covering the cakepop right. So is it possible to just use frosting and frost them? Any tips would be appreciated! I would like to make some more of these for Valentines Day as a treat for my husband! :)

  3. says

    It doesn’t get better than pink and yummy!
    I know what I’ll be making for Valentine’s Day … if I can wait that long :)


  4. Karen D says

    How do you get the frosting so smooth on the cake pops…and get the sprinkles all the way around?!?!?!


  5. MIchelle Lowe says

    So how do you get the cake pops to work with theBabycakes pop maker? I’ve tried and every time I dip them, they fall apart!

  6. Jessica says

    So cute. I am going to make these but just curious what I bake the cake on? I am assuming 350 and what size pan and for how long?? I’m pretty new to everything so I don’t know and don’t want to mess up!
    And I am assuming you did the sprinkles right after you dipped the balls into the melted chocolate correct?
    and can I put food coloring in the white choclate if say, I wanted purple chocolate to dip the balls in??

  7. Karin H Priest says

    I just bought a “BAKE POP” baking pan kit. In the instructions, it says to use standard box of cake mix, according to directions, but, use an extra egg, substitute milk for water and use half as much liquid as recipe calls for. Then it says also add a pudding mix that matches your cake choice, to make a denser cake. My question concerns these alterations to the cake mix. If I use the moist cake mixes that already have pudding in it, do I still need to add the box of pudding? And the cake pops directions doesn’t mention the oil that is called for in the cake mix recipe. Can you help me with these questions, please? I love, love the idea of the cake pops and it took me 2 months to find the pans, so I want to do them right!! And, why couldn’t I make a “drizzle” recipe to dip them in?

  8. Lauren A. says

    You can also use an equivalent amount of sour cream instead of buttermilk, and I find that it gives you the flavor, but also that velvet texture that you can’t get from milk and vinegar alone. Very cute pops, I might try these in my cake pop maker!

  9. KBM says

    I make cake pops all the time, and I use the frosting and mushed up cake method. But I have found that if I crumble the cake when it is still warm, I don’t have to use much frosting, maybe a heaping tablespoon at the most. My first attempt was a disaster…I used about half a can of frosting, and they were complete mush, and did not resemble cake at all! I seem to have good luck with the Wilton candy melts for the outside, and they come in different colors, although I have added food coloring to the white ones and they’ve turned out fine. Yours are adorable and I want to make them for Valentine’s Day for my colleagues.

  10. Lindsey Pascual says

    Can you use the pink velvet recipe with the babycakes cake pop maker? Do I need to adjust any of the measurements? Not a fan of the “old fashioned” method of making cake pops and I think the babycakes cake pop maker is the greatest invention ever created. My sister is pregnant and wants pink velvet cake pops for her baby shower. Please let me know! I love this recipe!

  11. says

    Happy Valentines Day Christi!
    Just to let you know I’ve linked this recipe into my latest post of my 13 favourite Valentines recipes and bloggers :) because they look SCRUMMY and I want to eat them ALL!!
    Betty x
    The Betty Stamp

  12. Tiffany says

    I know this post was from a while ago…but I just came across it on Pinterest. I noticed your sprinkles right away from your pics and then saw you mention your fav cake decorating supplies store–ABC! I just moved from Phoenix and waaaaah! I miss ABC decorating so much! It really is like Disneyland ha :)

    • says

      Awe, I would miss ABC too if I moved! It really is like Disneyland for bakers! Hopefully you’ll find some hidden gem of a baking store near you soon!


  1. […] The candy corn cupcakes were very easy to make.  I followed the directions on McCormick for the cupcakes.   I made half of my cupcakes in the orange and yellow combo as the directions called for, then made the rest of my cupcakes in solid yellow and solid orange.   After baking, the solid color cupcakes were on their way to becoming cake pops (well, cake balls to be exact).   You can see how I make my cake pops in this post. […]

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