Brownie A La Anytime – Single Serving Brownies Made In The Microwave

While I love almost all desserts, to me the BEST desserts fall into the “a la mode” category.  They are warm and topped with ice cream, and that combo takes almost any dessert to a whole other level.    I LOVE A La Mode.

For a while I’ve been trying to come up with a quick and easy way to make an individual serving of brownie a la mode at home, and the results aren’t always the best.   Some have turned out like this…

We’ll call those Brownie A La Garbage Disposal.  Bleh.   I tried using mixes, thinking that would be a nice way to keep it easy, but I was never happy with the results.  Today I decided to work on one based on my favorite brownie recipe and see what I could create, and I think we have a winner.

Yeah, this recipe is a keeper.   Hot, gooey, dark chocolatey brownies in a few short minutes using the microwave and simple ingredients???   We’ll call them Brownies A La Anytime.

Here is what you need…

At the very last moment I decided that I wanted to add baking powder, so this guy didn’t make it into the photo, but he made it into the brownies.   The ingredients are as follows.  This will make one generous serving.   It could be shared, if you are feeling generous, but I won’t judge you if you keep it all to yourself.

Brownies A La Anytime

4 Tablespoons Flour
3 Tablespoons Sugar
Pinch Of Salt
1/8 teaspoon Baking Powder
2 Tablespoons Cocoa Powder (I prefer Hershey’s Dark Cocoa Powder)

1 Tablespoon Melted Butter
1-2 Tablespoons Oil (such as vegetable, canola or coconut)
1 Tablespoon Water
1/4 Teaspoon Vanilla

You can top with a few chocolate chips or nuts if you like.

Melt your butter in a microwave safe bowl or cup (took me about 12 seconds).   Add the oil to your melted butter and mix well.  If you want a moister brownie, go for the full two tablespoons.  I prefer a really solid, dense brownie (which I top with ice cream adding a lot of moisture) so I use one tablespoon of oil.   Add in your vanilla and water, stir well to combine.    In a separate bowl or cup, combine all dry ingredients.

Brownie A La Anytime

As I said, I used only one tablespoon of oil, so my mix is a bit on the drier/firm side.   I pressed it into my ramekin.   You could also use a mug, microwaving things in a mug seems to be the popular thing, but being a non-coffee drinker (hello, Diet Coke!), I have more ramekins than I do mugs.

Single Serving Brownies Made In The Microwave

I added a few chocolate chips to the top.

I started with 45 seconds in the microwave and ended up cooking mine for about one minute and ten seconds.  That’s 70 seconds people – until hot, gooey, delicious, dark, sweet chocolate goodness.   SEVENTY SECONDS!   That’s like magic!

Instant.  Gratification.   Which is both a very good, and possibly very bad, thing.   These may be too easy to whip up!

Brownie Party Of One Single Serve Brownie A La Mode

In my opinion, anything “a la mode” needs ice cream.  End of story.

These are best enjoyed within a few minutes of heating them up.   I have a few yummy variations coming up, but I have to pace myself, eating four of these in a day is probably not recommended.  Though it would be damn delicious.   ENJOY!

Microwave Mug Brownies

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  1. says

    You’re right–these are good and bad. Good because I love knowing I don’t need to whip up a huge batch when I have a brownie craving attack, but bad knowing how quick and easy they are to indulge in a couple ramekins-ful!

  2. steph says

    amazing!!!! tried these tonight with chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. awesome! also – i was out of cocoa powder, so as a sub i used dark hot chocolate mix and omitted the sugar. turned out great!!!

  3. says

    That sounds perfect… Unfortunately I don’t have a microwave, does this also work in a normal oven?


  4. linsey says

    I tried this delicious looking treat and followed the instructions exactly, but sadly, they turned out completely disgusting! Unfortunately for me, it didn’t really taste like a brownie at all. I mean, it looked just like the brownie you have pictured, it just didn’t taste the way you described it. So I guess I won’t be trying that recipie again :(

  5. Tami says

    Saw this at dinner time. Ended up making this instead of dinner! Good thing I didn’t have to cook for anyone tonight!! Added peanut butter chips and chopped pecans. Delicious!! Dangerously good and easy!

  6. Sam says

    I made this the other day and I loved it so much I made many more batches of the dry ingredients so I only have to pull out a baggie and cook! I used 2 Tbsp of oil because I wanted mine super moist. Also, next time I am going to use less cocoa powder since these are super rich. (Needless to say, I did not use any extra chocolate chips!) I made mine all in the same mug to create less dishes and topped it with mint chocolate chip ice cream! It was fantastic! And it was a hit at the office too!

  7. Jasmine says

    That looks amazing! Mmmm……
    But if I wanted to make 3 servings, let’s say, do I triple the ingredients? Thanks for sharing this recipe, your recipes are always so creative!

  8. Precious says

    1st WOW can’t wait to try these & the chocolate chip a la mode. 2nd I’m not a dark chocolate person so I wanted to know why do you prefer the dark chocolate?

  9. Alison says

    So tonight I was randomly surfing facebook and a former co-worker that I haven’t had even a brief conversation with in over 5 years had posted about her wish for an on-hand baker to satisfy her spur-of-the-moment brownie cravings. I linked her to this post, and 10 minutes later she called me up and said I was “the bomb!” and then jokingly cursed me for showing her to your baking blog because of all the weight she’ll gain trying out your yummy recipes! I haven’t been told I’m “the bomb”, well, ever. Made my night! Thanks for sharing awesome recipes that make us all look good!

  10. Rachel says

    Found this on Pinterest, made it right away, and love it! I topped mine with a few vanilla chips and a few mint chocolate chips. Thank you!

  11. says

    Made these tonight for my boyfriend & I. Tried one with coconut oil and the other with vegetable oil… the first came out looking ugly & a little dry, but after adding a little heavy whipping cream to it, it was pretty good, but sort of lacking in sweet-ness. The second came out looking just like yours (I was very excited!), but it was dry inside and tasted a little floury… maybe a difference in microwaves caused this? Also, I used unsweetened cocoa. Overall, I was glad I tried it out. The recipe was quick and fun to make, maybe I’ll try some variations in the prep some other time! Thanks :)

  12. Fatema says

    Hey I tried this recipe of yours tonight and they turned out great except they dried up in the microwave. BUT ended up tasting like a great batch of chocolate cookies! Heh. Also I wanted them super moist but 2 tablespoons of oil didnt help. They were too crumbly. Any tips on how to get them to be a little more perfect the next time I make the brownies? 😀

  13. Courtney says

    just made 2 of these… they were awesome! had to cook them 5 seconds longer, but it was great! drizzled a little caramel on top before i cooked them.

  14. Jasmine says

    Wonderful! The cake is a tad bit bland to me. I should’ve added some coffee powder or something. Anyhow, it was great! I had this, topped with m&ms, whipped cream, and chocolate syrup! Hey, I’m on my period!

  15. Daisy says

    I owe you some serious kudos for this!! I’m in the middle of revision time and just made this. 60 secs @ 800Watt. Chucked some evaporated milk over it which I had in the cupboard. Just sublime. Thank you!


  16. Penny says

    One more thing to do to make the prep minutes/seconds even shorter. MIX in the baking dish! I mixed my dry ingredients in a bowl, melted my butter in the baking dish added the other liquid ingredients and then added the bowl of dry ingredients! Less clean up too!

  17. Naeva says

    Screw self control, I’m going to eat all of this.

    When I was making the brownie, I dissolved the sugar in the wet ingredients to make sure there would be no graininess…I’m not saying there were, but many single serve recipies I have tried came out sandy. This is by far the best single serve brownie recipe I have ever done. Thank you!!

  18. Aubrey Schmidt says

    If you use a mug I would maybe not have the brownie in the microwave for 70 seconds, it kinda burns the bottom and makes it hard! But other than that it was great!

      • says

        Kelly, you might have cooked it a few seconds too long for your microwave. Microwaves have so much variation, and this is absolutely a recipe that starts to get dry and crumbly if overcooked. I would try it again and cut a few seconds off the time at least. Under cooked is better than over cooked with these!

  19. Brianna says

    I only put 1 tbsp of sugar because i have been very into sweets lately…. and it was still incredible! The best microwavable brownie i have tried yet!! So happy i have found ‘THE ONE’ !!

  20. Brianna says

    Wanted to add that as pp said, i used a mug and only did about 40 seconds and it was perfect. Any longer would have been too much. I just had a gut feeling..

  21. Bellaboo says

    I just fell in love with you and the brownies… im not sure who i love more :)


    yes, that was just a small tear :)

  22. isla says

    I’ve now tried to make these twice, the first time I found using oil gave it a weird taste and texture, so the second time i used 3 tbsp butter, they were PERFECT.

  23. Nazo says

    I love this recipe! The other recipes I’ve tried for microwave brownies came out as dry and tasteless, but I love topping this one with some chocolate chips and powdered sugar. :)

  24. Me says

    I just tried to make this using two TBS of oil as recommended for a ore moist brownie, and it didn’t work at all! Really really sad :(

  25. Angie says

    Looks dangerous! But in a totally delicious way. 😀 What size ramekin did you use? I’ve been wanting to try several single-serve microwave desserts, but I’m never sure if my standard coffee mugs are big enough. As far as ramekins, I only have 4 oz size, and then I have some 5 oz glass jars Would these be big enough for this recipe?

  26. Emily Easterling says

    just pulled this out of the microwave- we loved it! really good brownie flavor. we added white chocolate chips.. yum!!

  27. Leslie says

    Made this last night and it was DELICIOUS! Easy to be addicting. Has anyone tried substituting some of the sugar? That’s my only concern is that 3TBSP of sugar is a lot…let me know if you have suggestions!

    • says

      Leslie, I think you could absolutely try cutting back the sugar, that’s really going to come down to personal taste. Let me know if you try and how it goes, but I would think 2 TBSP could absolutely work (and possibly less) or using something like Truvia.

  28. Alyssa says

    I just tried these to surprise my brother who just got out of the hospital, and we both loved them! They were the perfect size, and wonderfully nostalgic to share together. A+++

  29. Kim says

    Well, that hit the spot! Turned out perfectly for me. I think I might do as someone suggested above and dissolve the sugar in the wet ingredients as it was a big grainy but other than that, it was great. I cooked mine in a standard size coffee mug, for 45 seconds, then an additional 15. Then I topped it with caramel ice cream topping. Delicious! I can’t say it’s EXACTLY like a brownie, but I am tempted to run upstairs and make another one…! Thanks for the recipe.


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