Patriotic Push Pop Cake

One of my favorite trends right now in sweet treats are the adorable little push pop containers.   Some of you may have read about my Push Pop Peeps Cupcakes – a dessert I really had fun making, and even more fun sharing.    I have finally gotten around to whipping up some more push pop treats, and this time I get to giveaway a set of 24 push pop containers, thanks to the wonderful Kate at CupKate’s Event Design.

Given the 114 degree high temperature here in Phoenix, I honestly did not want to bake a cake, cupcakes or anything else.   It’s just too darn hot.   A quick look in my freezer and I stumbled across a solution – a lovely little Sara Lee Pound Cake.   I figured it was worth a try to see if I could turn it into a push pop treat.

After letting the pound cake thaw slightly, I sliced it into sections that were about 1/2″ thick.   It was at this point I realized I didn’t have anything to actually cut the cake with (I’m not really good with pesky little details like that).   So after hunting around my kitchen, I found the perfect circle cutter…A toothpick container.   It was just the right size to cut the cake into pieces that would fit nicely into the push pop.

Hey, whatever works, right?   Next I sliced my pound cake into pieces that were about 1/2″ thick…

Notice that I said “about” 1/2″ thick.   I’m not really good at things like cutting, keeping lines straight or measuring, so I just wing it.  It’s cake, it’ll still taste great, no matter how poor my cutting skills may be.  Next I simply cut out little circles.   Can I just say this was much easier (and cooler) than whipping up cupcakes, and is great if you need to put something together last minute, which is pretty much when I put everything together.   At that point it was time to whip up some frosting (this is a recipe that I like).   I used my regular frosting piping bags, also known as Ziploc freezer bags (which i also use as an iPad case, but that’s another post), and filled bags with red, white and blue frosting.

I have to add – later in the day I was at the store and saw the Cake Mate Easy Squeeze bags of frosting.  If you are looking for a super quick option, I really think these would work out well.   That said, I haven’t tried them, so if you do, let me know how they work.    Now you just start layering cake, frosting, sprinkles, cake, frosting, sprinkles, and so on.   If you’d like to see how to do this in a bit more detail, check out this previous post.

That’s pretty much all there is to it!   You can really get creative – check out some of the treats people have put together on CupKate’s Facebook page.   Fun and festive, and if you go the frozen pound cake route, no oven required!

Somehow such simple ingredients come together for a fun treat that the kids are sure to love.

The only downside to the push pop containers?   They can be hard to find!  My first choice is always to buy them from CupKate’s, but they are so popular that people sometimes have trouble keeping them in stock.   So I’m thrilled that CupKate’s is giving away a 24 pack of their push pop containers to one of my readers!


You have four chances to enter to win…  one entry for leaving a comment on this post, plus you can earn an extra entry for each of the following three items:  Follow Love From the Oven on Facebook (and leave a comment on this post stating that you do), Follow Love From The Oven On Twitter (and leave a comment here stating that you do) and Follow Cupkate’s Event Design on Facebook (and leave a comment here that you do).   Be sure to leave a separate blog comment for each entry (so you can have up to FOUR comments to this post for four entries).  A winner will be selected at random on Thursday, June 30th.


You can also check out Grin And Bake It, as she also has some patriotic push pops, and a great tutorial.    Yay for Push Pops!  Yay for cake!  Yay for giveaways!   Good Luck!



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  1. Katie Blaukowitch says

    I have been trying to get these things everywhere shipping costs from most places online are insane!

  2. Heather Follett says

    These are adorable! I made the Easter push pops for my class at church (along with the chocolate covered peeps!) and they were a huge success!! I am so excited to make these to enjoy while watching the fireworks! Thanks!! :) I follow you on Facebook as well as CupKate’s Event Design! :)

  3. Katie Blaukowitch says

    I liked and now follow CupKates Event Design on Facebook

    I have followed Love from the oven on facebook for a while now.

    And I now follow Love from the oven on twitter.


  4. says

    I would love to win the push pops! I love everything crafty even when baking- I would to put some of your awesome recipes to use :)!!! I follow on facebook as well both yours and now cupkate’s web page as well!

  5. Misty A says

    Ingenious! Thank you for sharing. How great would it be to win some of the push pops. My two year old would love eating cake from these.

  6. says

    I am so excited and hope I win. I cannot find these bad boys anywhere. When you type it into Google it just goes back to your post. Great for you though. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  7. Libby P says

    I love these, really want to try them for our Student Occupational Therapy Assistant Club bake sale next month. Too cute!

  8. Sherry C. says

    This would be so much fun, and I could figure out the carbs for my little one to have a fun treat too!

  9. Debbie Katz says

    I have already been following Love From The Oven for awhile now. You are so very inspirational!

  10. Stephanie says

    I keep thinking that if a I get these I am going to have to run around reclaiming them before people even finish eating so that I never have to be withou again. :-)

  11. Torie H says

    I have been wanting these but they are sold out everywhere!! My daughter’s birthday is coming up and these would be sooo much fun to make!

  12. Mary Juckett says

    I would just love to win these….I have been wanting to make these, but everywhere I turn, they are sold out….thanks for giving me a chance to win…

  13. Elizabeth says

    I am new to your blog……and am loving it!!
    These would be a fabulous addition to our kitchen toys!! I just ordered the Babycakes cake pop maker after seeing it on your blog the other day. It arrives tomorrow!! We are so excited!!

  14. Shelby says

    I would absolutely LOVE to make these! I’m always sending my baked goods off for travel, and I have a feeling these will hold much better than anything else! :)

  15. Debby says

    Thanks for the opportunity to win some of these darling containers. I’m so hoping my name is chosen!

  16. sharon foth says

    these are great!!!! i just made cake push-ups for my daughter’s end of the year celebration and they were a big hit (even with the principal!)!!!!

  17. Robert says

    I’m following you on Facebook, I love getting updates to see what delicious treatw you are cooking up.

  18. Robert says

    I am now a proud fan of CupKate’s Event Design on Facebook. They have some really cool stuff there.

  19. Gina says

    Following cupkates event on fb as well! Oh the things I can do with these push pops with a baby girl on the way!

  20. Gina says

    I also follow you on twitter which I somehow forgot, and evidently so does my husband as I just clicked follow again and was on his account! Lol

  21. christie says

    Hey, Just curious do you think the metal/tin mini-muffin holders would work
    to make the push-pop cupcakes instead of having to go buy a pan?

  22. Mary says

    I just recently found your website and love your cute designs. The faux ice cream cupcake cones for 4th of July brought me here!

  23. Caroline says

    These are adorable! I can’t wait to see a christmas colored batch! Anyway would LOVE to have these!!

  24. Amanda Sell says

    Fabulous Idea!! I want to try! I got my push pops from CupKate and used premade mini cupcakes from the grocery store bakery. They fit perfectly and were already frosted – easy peasy! Thanks for the giveaway!

  25. Renee says

    I am in love with the Push Pop cakes I know my three children oops wait I mean my husband and two children would love these. We have a lot of sweet teeth in our home and I would love to try these. thank you for such a GREAT website:)

  26. Julie says

    New follower on Facebook =) Would love to win the push up sticks to make these yummy looking treats for a party I am going to on the 4th!!!

  27. Amy Gutierrez says

    I think the words Adorable, Delicious, & Perfect for the next holiday explain it all!!! Love Love Love it!!!

  28. says

    I am a follower of CupKate’s Event Design on Facebook ! 😀

    and this is an awesome give away since I have been looking for those push-pops for awhile!

  29. says

    Ah and now I can say how amazing your photos are?! I love this blog – such creative ways to bake I never know which recipe I want to try first! The baking club I’m in charge of at my college will be dying to try this out though next semester! Thanks for sharing (and for the giveaway!)

  30. Jacqui says

    These are so cute! I would love some of the push pops… there are so many things I would love to make with them!

  31. OhCakeyGoodness says

    These are so clever and easy! Thanks for posting! I’d love to try my hand at push pop cakes.

  32. says

    The push-pops look like SO much fun! I don’t really need them… but I sure would enjoy creating different things to put inside – and with 4 children – I can imagine all kinds of cool party ideas :)

  33. Spring Amundsen says

    I love your blog. As a fellow foodie I love the ideas and inspirations. The pushup cakes are adorable and I totally have to get some!
    Thanks for sharing~

  34. says

    Such a cute idea, I will absolutely be attempting this for our annual 4th of July party, it gets hot out here in Oregon too :-) I would love to be entered to win the 24 pack!

  35. Kimiko says

    I’m liking this new push-pop trend…although I haven’t found any at any local baking supply stores, so I would love to win some!!

  36. Janet Robinson says

    I have been trying to find these little pushpops since you posted the peep pushups. I think they are beyond adorable!! I have 19 nieces and nephews and they would LOVE these!! Thanks for posting such cute ideas!

  37. Jessica says

    How cute and so creative! Can wait to try some of these soon! Maybe for my son’s party in August or for the candy buffet at my wedding in November! This rocks!

  38. SuzyB says

    I love this blog! So, it was too easy to now follow you on fb. I like it when a blog also has a fb page because it often updates me automatically through fb when the blog has a new post.

  39. SuzyB says

    Ok, just checked out CupKate’s fb page. Glad I did. The under the sea theme was super creative. My son was peeking over my shoulder asking me when he could have that party!

  40. SuzyB says

    And to comment of this post….love the cake pops! I have wanted to buy some but the only place I had found them so far was to purchase 200 for $75! A little to pricey for me to experiment with. I am glad to find another place to buy them. Also, love the poundcake idea. Makes the cake part simple so that I have the time and energy to be creative.

  41. Suzanne says

    Oh my word, those are so cute! I didn’t even know you could buy those cute containers. Thanks for the giveaway!

  42. Holly H. says

    The whole time I was reading I was trying to figure out how to order them! What a great party idea!

  43. linda says

    Yes, pick me, pick me!!! I have a part to do for a 16 year old. Now I can buy these right????

    thanks just added you to my list of blogs, just posted on FB and twitter

  44. sharonjo says

    My younger son’s birthday is July 4th. These Patriotic Push Pops would be perfect for his party. Thanks for sharing a great idea.

  45. MSullivan says

    I love the idea of cupcake push pops! I am hoping to score some for my nephew’s upcoming birthday! Thanks for sharing your great ideas!

  46. Morgan says

    I love that stumbleupon sent me here. It’s giving me lots of great ideas ^.^
    I kinda wanna try the cake pushpop now, my friends would love it 😀

  47. sue mettler says

    OMG! Just discovered your log and these cute cute cute containers. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  48. baibeedoll says

    I “Like” to follow Love from the Oven on FACEBOOK
    I “Follow” Love from the oven on TWITTER
    I “Like” to follow CupKate’s Event Design on FACEBOOK



  49. Lissa LaGreca says

    I had no idea that push-pop containers are available to buy. My mind is overflowing with many ideas for their use right now.


  50. Dawn Clo says

    I am betting that this is the next foodie craze! These are just too, too cute! I just wish my daughters were young again so I would have a reason to make them. I guess I will just have to make them anyways for the adults (like me – that never seem to grow up) and love baking!

  51. Megan says

    I LOVE this!! I’ve wanted to make these and you have explained it perfectly-yay!! The trick is to frost the cake pieces FIRST :) I’m actually going to post your absolutely fun blog on my facebook baking page :)

  52. says

    I have never seen pushpops like this before!!! I can’t wait to order some…such a great idea for parties for kids and grown-ups! :)


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