PEEPS Easter Treats

If you are looking for fun PEEPS ideas, this is the post for you!   Below you will find a round up of my my favorite PEEPS posts I’ve shared here on Love From The Oven.  On Fox & Friends you may see some super cute party straws & baking cups.  They are from Sweets & Treats BoutiqueAnd the great stand that holds the PEEPS Pops? It’s from Cupcake Stand.

Bring on the PEEPS!  Just click on the links or photos to go to the posts.   Make sure to check out the links at the bottom of the page to two different PEEPS Giveaways going on right now.  Enjoy!

PEEPS Easter Cupcakes


PEEPS Fruit Cups

Salty Sweet Pretzel PEEPS

PEEPS Yogurt Parfaits

PEEPS Pudding Cups

PEEPS Chocolate Mousse Dessert Shooters

PEEPS Cookies

60th Anniversary PEEPS Cake, Pops  & Cupcakes

Tweet Me PEEPS Pops

Chocolate Marshmallow PEEPS Cupcakes

Brown Butter PEEPS Crispy Treats

Chocolate Covered PEEPS Crispy Treats

Chocolate Dipped PEEPS

Push Pop PEEPS

Salty Sweet Pretzel PEEPS

PEEPS Topped Crispy Treats

PEEPS Cupcakes

Make sure to check out this awesome PEEPS Blog Hop with over 20 great PEEPS ideas and a PEEPS giveaway!

And don’t miss the awesome PEEPS Pinterest & pin and win contest, two people will win PEEPS Prize packs!


  1. says

    OMG- these are just to die for. My daughter would go nuts. I just wish that Peeps wasn’t that sweet. And like all mothers, I wish that they were even just a tad bit healthy. I guess the one with the fruit cups is the closest I’ll get to that. Personally, I’m not a fan, but I do love them, and I don’t really like giving them to my 3 year old, even if she loves them like mad, coz she just gets on a super sugar rush after eating one or two. Plus, I hate to think of what it will do to her teeth if i don’t brush them right after. Yes, the paranoia of a mother seeps in once again.

    But no denying, the look adorable!

  2. says

    Lots of fantastic ideas here. These look so cute – I don’t think we have Peeps in the UK, though we have plenty of sweet treats to celebrate Easter with! I guess we could use Cadbury’s Caramel Bunnies or any number of other goodies to take the Peeps’ role in these recipes. Thank you for the inspiration… 😀

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